Five things to bring when you go abroad

USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Close up of woman's hand holding open passport

Travelling abroad can sometimes be difficult, especially when considering all the things that you could potentially take with you (the kitchen sink included). Today we are going to talk about some useful things that you absolutely need to bring with you abroad, read on to find out more.


This may sound very obvious, but you would be very surprised how often people forget to bring their passport with them on the trip to the airport. This is the most important thing for any holiday to another country and you should double or even triple check that you have it with you (and in an easy to access place) before every trip. In most cases if you don’t have your passport, you won’t be going on your trip!


To have a great holiday or business trip, you are most certainly going to need money and your cards are something that you should always carry with you on your person. It is much better to have these on you so that you can access any money or credit facilities that you have. Imagine what would happen if you left these in your checked in bag and it was lost!

Travel adaptor

Travel adaptors are one of the most crucial pieces of kit that you can have whilst travelling abroad, especially when you need to use all your electronic devices like your camera or laptop. A good example of this is the power outlets in Mexico, while Japanese plugs are very similar and are able to fit into Mexican power outlets they may not function correctly due to the different voltage and a specific Mexico travel adaptor is necessary to use the plugs. It is important to understand the power requirements and select the correct adaptor for your destination country.


It is a great idea to bring a copy of important documents that you are carrying with you, just in case you lose any of these. The prime example of this is a copy of your passport, which can be invaluable in many different situations. Other good examples of this are things like your itinerary and any visas you may require.

Contact information

Have you ever lost a card or your phone overseas? If you have you will know just how hard it is to access the kind of information that you want. You may need to the international contact number of your bank or for your phone company, it is therefore a good idea to keep some of this information written down in a safe place in case you lose something. You may simply need to call home, but may not have internet access to log in to social media or email to contact your family members.