Tips to travel safely in London

Likewise any other big city, there are certain things you ought to know if you want to stay safe in London especially while travelling. If you use public transport to get to and from work or to social events, you should be particularly careful to avoid falling victim to acrime. It’s good to take sensible precautions, no matter what mode of transport you choose.


Here are the simple tips to help you stay safe in London while you travel.

Buses and trains


Travelling at night in buses and trains? Make sure you plan your journey in advance if possible, be alert about your route, and where your stop is. Be extra carefulif you are travelling after drinking. Before boarding, check the times of the last buses and train to avoid any inconvenience. Keep your bus ticketin your hands and make sure your bags are zipped properly to ensure all your valuables are secured.

Right after boarding the bus/train, look out for Help Points and passenger alarms.If at any point of time, you feel threatened; use this alarm as it will help you connect with staff, taking care of emergencies.



Every year in London, around 20,000 bikes are reported stolen,whereas you need to make sure that your bike is locked safely so you can keep enjoying cycling. In order to promote cycle security, there is a Cycle Task Force who are responsible for tackling cycle theft, still it is your responsibility to ensure your own safety. It’s better keep few things in mind – you should always lock your bike’sboth wheels and the frame to the cycle stand and only park it in a designated parking facility. Try not to park it in the same place and carry detachable items such as lights and pump along with you, if possible.


Travelling by tube in London is quite safe even at night. Still there are a few things to keep in mind especially when you are travelling under the influence of alcohol. In case you mistakenly drop anything on the track, do not try to pick it up yourself; ask the staff or use the Help Point.

Try to avoid boarding the tube if you are unwell and make sure not to raise the passenger alarm unless it’s a real emergency. In case passenger emergency alarm is active, move away from any immediate danger and wait for instructions from tube staff.

Taxis and minicabs

Taxis and minicabsIn London, taxis are a good alternative to public transport. Though these are considered a safe travel option, still you should follow some safety tips when booking any taxi or mini cab. To ensure the authenticity of a cab, always book it from licensed companies and try not to accept a journey from a minicab driver of the street. Booking should always be done by phone, email or in a minicab office. Reconfirm the authenticity of the driver by asking him whether he knows your name and destination before you get in the vehicle. You can also check the photo ID proof of the cab driver.

In case you need any help while planning your journey in London, information like the last tube and bus times, bus stop locations and cab numbers, you can contact travel information desk on 020 7222 1234 – open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure that travellers have a safe and easy ride.

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