5 Reasons to Travel to Sri Lanka

Think about Sri Lanka and your brain would auto suggest you images of a pearl-shaped island replete with cultural diversity and enormous scenic beauty. From coastal plains, rocky coves to sublime beaches and lagoons, Sri Lanka has it all for you to plan a tour. And if you are still procrastinating on whether to head to this island or not, here are five convincing reasons we have to offer.

  1. Great travel deals – Every traveller wants to travel on budget and save big for their next escapade. So if you’ve been shying off from a Sri Lanka tour thinking that it would be a costly proposition, there are attractive travel deals available today. For instance, grab a makemytrip promo code and you will get great discounts beyond your imagination and be able to travel on budget.
  2. Have trysts with wilderness – Sri Lanka provides you with the great scope to have a tet-e-tet with the wild side of nature but in a secured way! So if wild adventure is something you love to indulge in, this island will provide you with a great scope to get diving with the blue whales that come in a particular season. Else you also have option of watching spinner dolphins taking a leap in Kalpitiya. That aside, the island also welcomes you with its stock of 5,800 wild elephants along with leopards strolling around in the Yala National Park.
  3. Experience the cave magic – Caves by itself bring about an elusive charm about them. In Sri Lanka you have the chance to experience the famous Dambulla Buddha which is brimming with a golden halo with golden Buddha figurines arranged in an aesthetic manner. This cave also has some of the best cave paintings depicting many Buddha themes. The atmosphere is ambient in a surreal way.
  4. A great cultural heritage – In terms of sightseeing and touristy Sri Lanka will impress you with its list of famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The best names include the old town of Galle along with its reinforcements, the holy site of Anuradhapura, the historic city named Polonnaruwa, a famous and ancient city named Kandy, the sacred and historic site of Sigiriya city and the popular and world famous golden temple of Dambulla. Today, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve also comes under the listed sites under UNESCO in Sri Lanka. As you explore these places you absorb the essence of this island in a holistic way.
  5. The interesting full moon festivals – This is something unique! Sri Lanka is known for its distinctive rituals and festivals and the elaborate way in which it gets executed with great pomp and ceremony. The Poya festivals are something interesting that you’d love to explore. This commemorates the full moon along with the Buddhist calm, Poson Poya in the months of June. Here the people are clad in white and makes pilgrimages to a holy mountain peak named Mihintale and then light ornate lanterns showing their reverence and respect for the festival.