5 Basic Travel Tips That You Must Know

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Travelling can be one of the most wonderfully enriching experiences that are possible in life, the most amazing thing is seeing new and different things as well as meeting people along the way (the best part in my eyes). Travel is something that can be made to be much more complicated if you are not experienced in it, so here are some great tips to know before you travel

Get the best deals

OK so you have decided to go travelling, which is a great first step for anyone, but what is the best way to find a discount holiday to Portugal. The answer is a lot of patience and some inside knowledge to help you. The first thing you need to do is to religiously keep an eye on prices, and subscribe to possibly every travel provider or airline company possible. This will give you a great perspective on prices and will allow you to know when is the right time to book.

Don’t plan to the T

One of the things that I have found about travelling is that planning too much can really wear you out. Planning is of course essential, but try to incorporate a period of your trip where you have some freedom to go anywhere you want. This is a great idea if you meet some interesting people and you decide you want to travel together, because these can be the best experiences.

Look after yourself

Going to new countries, for many people, means abusing your body a bit more than you should. The drinking, eating and lack of sleep can really get to you, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do these things, but rather you should aim to have days to really care for your body so that you do not run yourself down or get sick. This is one of the keys to having a successful trip.

Say “Yes”

One of the best things about travelling is new experiences, but some people travel with the same attitudes and inhibitions that they would have in their everyday lives. Forget these things and say “yes” to almost everything. By doing this you are opening yourself to wonderful new experiences that you can remember for many years to come, but of course be careful and cautious with things that are too extreme.

Keep in contact

As I said before meeting new people is probably the best thing about travel, but make sure you keep in contact with these people. These people are as open minded and as free as you are and perhaps you can meet up again one day. The best thing is if you visit their country or city and you may be able to stay with them or they can possibly show you around their city. Remember that insider knowledge is better than any guidebook!