3 Reasons Why Perth Is Better Than Sydney

Sometimes we come to a point of comparing two cities, striving for the best information, where should we (not) go, it can be tough to choose so I’ve decided to be a bit controversial today! We try to choose the place to go where we can get the best out of everything, a place where we can unwind, forget and do the most with very little budget. Both Sydney and Perth are very different when it comes to lifestyle, weather, people and taste. Great beaches are offered by both cities, but there are always differences in between, but with the advent of cheap flights to Perth, suddenly it’s back on the radar in a big way. So here are my 3 reasons why Perth is better than Sydney.

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Climate and Weather

Perth has a very distinct climate to put it lightly while Sydney’s weather has pulled the wool over the medias eyes for too long! Perth summers are dry, not a drop of rain so as a backpacker that’s perfect (as a resident maybe not so much). Winter season in Perth isn’t too harsh either as you’ll still have some cracking sunshine on a normal winters day. In hot season, Perth still also carries a beautiful breeze to break the heat. The “Fremantle Doctor” is the famous Perth breeze from the sea that blows strong on the boardwalks throughout that season, although ‘breeze’ might be understating it quite a bit, leave your hats at home or you’ll lose them forever! If you can handle blazing sunshine most of the year, Perth is definitely the choice for you.

The Sydney climate is not what the media portray, it’s chilly for 3 or 4 months a year and the rain is never far away, grey skies are common too. You’ll be needing a scarf and a raincoat if you spend any time here, honestly. I was shocked to experience the Sydney weather, I was expecting BBQ’s on Bondi all year round, apparently that’s just great marketing from the Sydney peeps!


Residents in Perth are famously friendly. Perth’s lifestyle is more laid back and relaxed than Sydneys, and other cities in Oz, and they locals revel in the reputation. Kicking back with beers at home is often preferred to flashy bars and the pretentious Sydney scene in Sydney. While the night life in Perth is still banging, it’s a whole different vibe. I think it’s fair to say that in Perth you’re ut trying to have a good time, not casting a glance at the person next to you wondering how much their new shoes cost, something which people in Sydney are often accused of!


Perth is the most isolated city in the world, furthest from a second city than anywhere else on the planet, which brings a whole host of benefits! The travelers who make it here are much more appreciative of what they have, it’s like they ‘earned’ being in Perth. Also, you don’t just get the standard ‘get drunk in East Coast Australia for 4 weeks’ type backpackers, so the crowd is much cooler, much more interesting, and a little older than the 18 year olds on the east coast.

You will also spend more money in Sydney which has a higher cost of living. If you are looking to invest more in daily activities and excursions than hotel rooms, I advise you to check out Expedia to find good hotel deals in Perth. You will be able to stay in a comfortable room located in the center of the city with an easy access to all the must see sites and long sandy beaches without using all your travel savings.

The fastest way out is to Bali as flights can reach it quicker than Sydney, hence a lot of people holidaying there even sometimes just for the weekend, there are always cheap deals so keep you eyes peeled!

Sydney however is quite the opposite, every Tom, Dick and Harry who makes it to Oz is in Sydney at some point. Demand for jobs here is through the roof, meaning work is hard to come by. Hostels are jammed full of young travelers on daddy’s credit card, it will all leave you pining for Perth once again, believe me!

Perth can make you feel at ease as this place can always make you feel home even if you are thousands of miles away from home. If you are still interested, there are still things to do in Sydney, but of course I think Perth is much better!

  1. When we want to enjoy our vacations we have a list of places to go.But we go for a place which is full of healthy environment,what lifestyle that place have we all see this.So.Perth is a place where your all the wishes can be fulfilled related to your living style.

  2. As a citizen and resident of Perth…… Perthorians are generally ignorant, rude and extremely aggressive plus 5 yrs behind “normal” folk therefore in catch up years they are unbelievably retarded

  3. I’ve lived in both Perth and Sydney for a number of years. I found that while it is crowded in Sydney, it has so much more to offer than Perth. Don’t get me wrong, Rottnest is beautiful, so are all the other natural tourist spots but everything else is pretty underwhelming.
    Not once have I ever had my house broken into or heard so many stories of break-ins until I moved to Perth. Not a lot of people seem to know how to merge into traffic properly or how to use a roundabout (which is strange because Perth’s suburbs have so many of them). I also found that people from Perth were less tolerant of other races/cultures and less friendly to the point of being unnecessarily aggressive.

    Of course, I am NOT implying that everyone from Perth is like this… I guess the isolated population just means you’re more likely to run into unfriendly people.

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