Best Kept Ski Secrets

Anyone who loves skiing will tell you just how much they would rather do away with the large crowds typical during peak winter season. Short of hiring your own slope, which is definite to put a huge dent in your bank account, there are simpler ways to enjoy your skiing holiday….. without the crowds. Some of the best kept ski secrets involve slightly tweaking your holiday plans to avoid the holiday rush which brings in the crowds. Make use of some of these tips and you will be sure to enjoy uncluttered ski slopes to your heart’s content.

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Book and travel early

The saying, “the early bird catches the worm” may sound cliche, but is true! By making your bookings earlier and travelling before or after peak season, you will avoid the crowds of skiers most of who are out for a good time and don’t really care whether they hit the slopes or not. You might also just get a bonus from some ski resorts that reward early birds! Be the first to taste the untouched slopes before the rest of the crowd’s troop in, to find you happily enjoying the pistes.

Make use of off peak hours

Sacrifice some of your beauty sleep and get skiing at the crack of dawn on your ski holidays in France, when everyone else is still warmly tucked in. Not only will you enjoy the solitude but also the feeling of owning and having the slopes to yourself without a soul in site. If you are not a morning person, pick lunch time as your skiing time. There are bound to be less people on the pistes as most, if not all will be in the eateries having their mid-day meal. Be sure to be done by around 2:00 pm before the troops return!

Pick low skiing season

We all know that December to early January as well as late February of every year is peak ski seasons, so expect to find mammoth crowds. Make early December, mid-January and late March your skiing period if you want the slopes to yourself.

Some ski resorts have been documented as being the best for people who want to avoid the crowds. By making full use of the best kept ski secrets as highlighted above, you are sure to enjoy the skiing time of your life, without the crowds!

The top five ski resorts in this list include the following;

1. Big Sky Montana (USA) – This massive resort boasts of expansive terrain that is more than enough for the thousands of skiers who flock it every year. It is suitable for expert as well as novice skiers, with more than enough space to accommodate all.

2. Alta, Utah (USA) – Located in a less densely populated area in Utah, there are enough pistes to go around for both the locals and visitors. Alta also has many resorts within a specified location which gives skiers the advantage of choice with minimal travel.

3. Fernie, British Columbia (Canada) – Blessed with expansive pistes as well as more challenging terrains, skiers of all levels are bound to enjoy their time here with no worries of crowds or queues.

4. Cortina (Italy) – These slopes are popular with celebrities and party lovers whose main agenda is not the slopes. You are sure to enjoy several hours of uninterrupted skiing time here as others spend their time drinking, dining and shopping.

5. Leogang (Austria) –These slopes are very popular with those learning to ski. The resorts are also very pocket friendly making them the preferred choice for skiers on a tight budget.