How to Save Up to Go Travelling

How many times have you seen your friends Facebook travelling photos online and said to yourself “One of these days, just you bet, I will save up the money and go on a big travelling adventure of my own.” ? If this sounds like you, read on.

As cliché as it sounds, it isn’t as hard as you think to go on your dream trip around the world – or at least a good portion of it.

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All you need is; to map out where you would preferable like to go, keep strictly within your budget, look out for opportunities and try your upmost to be organised about things.

Below we have concocted a list of top ways to save money for your ultimate travelling adventure:


It sounds obvious but the more you work the more you can accumulate savings to get on your travels with. Work any job you can for as many hours as possible a week, as your western wages will go a long way in such places as Asia and South America.

Alternatively, you could go away with fewer savings but work along the way. Guesthouses and bars especially in Asia are usually a great place to pick up extra work. Although most don’t usually pay actual wages, many offer free accommodation and food. This is always a great way to save a few dollars along the way.


If you really want to have a trip of a lifetime – get imaginative! Think of an event or challenge you could complete that will capture people’s imagination and inspire them to give you money.

This is also a great opportunity to help a charity of your choosing by raising some funds for them. Not only do you get to go on an amazing trip but you’ll also be helping people at the same time – perfect combination. Examples of events that have been done on behalf of charities and are easily organised are; cycle rides across Europe, bungee jumps, parachute jumps and mountain trek challenges.


This is probably the most important point of all. Work out where you want to go, how much you will be spending on; food, drink, accommodation, travel, visas etc. – but most importantly, STICK TO IT! It’s essential you don’t be too stringent with yourself, as for example you won’t want to be eating rice at every meal, each and every day.
Be realistic and be prepared to have a few slip ups – hey, you’re only human! A few more beers or a fancy dinner here and there is one of the greatist things about travelling, don’t deny yourself completely (just starve yourself once in awhile!).

The next time you feel that ridiculous pang of jealously when your friends are talking about their travelling experiences, remember the points in this article and book that flight as soon as you possibly can! Thousands of people get that massive backpack on their backs each year and go and live their travelling dreams – you can do it too!


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