How to Order a Beer in 55 Different Languages

Traveling the globe can be thirsty work and with this in mind you need to be able to order a beer wherever you are in the world. You might find yourself in Germany and you will definitely need to know how to order a beer in German. Whether it is France, Germany or a Klingon spaceship (see below), this is something you need to know after a day of visiting and exploring all those amazing things you’ve seen.

You can impress your friends and local bar tenders with your ordering skills as we present ‘How to order a beer in 55 different languages’.

Just print this page and have it ready to recite to the bar staff you’ll have your icy cold treat served in no time.


English: One beer please!

Afrikaans: ‘n Bier, asseblief!

Albanian: Një birrë, ju lutem!

Arabic: البيرة واحد يرجى

Azerbaijani: bir pive edin!

Basque: Garagardo bat, mesedez!

Belarusian: Адно піва, калі ласка!

Bengali: দয়া করে একটা বিয়ার দিন!

Bulgarian: Една бира, моля!

Catalan: Una cervesa, si us plau!

Chinese (Mandarin): 请给我一瓶啤酒!

Croatian: Jedno pivo, molim!

Czech: Pivo, prosím!

Danish: Jeg vil gerne have en øl!

Dutch: Een bier, alsjeblieft!

Estonian: Üks õlu, palun!

Finnish: Olut mulle, kiitos!

Filipino: Isang serbesa, pakiusap!

French: Une bière, s’il vous plait!

German: Ein Bier, bitte!

Greek: Μια μπίρα παρακαλώ!

Hebrew : בירה אחת בבקשה!

Hindi: एक बियर कृपया!

Hungarian: Egy pohár sört kérek!

Icelandic: Einn bjór, takk!

Indonesian: Tolong, satu bir!

Irish: Beoir amháin, le do thoil!

Italian: Una birra, per favore!

Japanese: ビ一ルを一本下さい!

Klingon: nob jIH HIq! majQa’! (just checking you’re still reading)

Korean: 맥주 한잔 주세요!

Latin: Cervisiam, sodes!

Latvian: Vienu alu, lū-dzu!

Lithuanian: Prašau viena alaus!

Maltese: Wiehed birra, jekk jghogbok!

Malay: Beer satu, terima kasih!

Norwegian: En øl, takk!

Polish: Jedno piwo, proszę!

Portuguese: Uma cerveja, por favor!

Romanian: bere unul vă rugăm să!

Russian: Пиво, пожалуйста!

Sardinian: Una birra, po piaghere!

Serbian: Једно пиво, молим Вас!

Slovene : Eno pivo, prosim!

Somali: no beerka fadlan!

Spanish : Una cerveza, por favor!

Strine (Australian English): Foster’s, mate (although I’ve not seen any Fosters here?!?!)

Swahili: moja bia tafadhali!

Swedish: En öl, tack!

Thai: Ow Bee-a Neung Krup

Twi / Akan / Fante: Mame beer baako, mi pawokyew!

Turkish: Bir bira, lütfen!

Vietnamese: Xin cho một ly bia!

Welsh: Cwrw os gwelwch in dda!

Yiddish: אב׳ר, ז״ט אזו׳ כוט


how to order a beer in german


It might be worth learning a few extra words or phrases (especially hello and thank you) when you visit a new country – the local people will appreciate that you at least give it a try, even if you mispronounce (which is bound to happen!).

No matter the language, it is always good to enjoy a beer after a “hard” day of traveling. Especially when it is hot and the beer is ice cold.

Happy travels and enjoy your beer(s).


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