You Get Quality at Budget Hotels

Traveling to London can be a fantastic experience but you may be a little nervous when you are first booking your trip because of how expensive everything may seem. If you are flying to London, you already know that the tickets can cost you a great deal of money before you have even landed. And onto that all of the extra cost you will incur for doing things like renting a car, going out for meals, shopping and buying souvenirs and the cost of your hotel stay. All of this can add up to a great deal of money very quickly. If you are looking for places where you can save a little bit on your trip, you may want to take a look at more affordable hotel accommodations. You can get quality at budget hotels if you know just where to look and what to look for.


Go to the Right Area of the City

While many people are immediately drawn to staying in the central area of London because that is where a great deal of the action is, if you choose to stay in different parts of the city you will be able to find hotels that are a bit more affordable for you. The great thing about London is that the public transportation system allows you to get to nearly any place that you want to go rather quickly. This means there is no real need for you to have your hotel right in central London even if you plan to see all of the tourist attractions there. You might be better off taking a look at hotels near Earls Court Station and near Chelsea Stadium so that you can locate more affordable options.

Look for the Amenities You Want

Budget hotels often get a bad reputation because people automatically assume that if you are paying less money than you are not going to get a comfortable room or the amenities that you really want. The reality is much different. Most budget hotels today offer everything that you will find in more expensive hotels in terms of amenities. Take a look at any of the hotels that fit well into your budget and make sure they provide you with the amenities you want the most, such as Wi-Fi Internet access, comfortable bedding, private bathrooms, in room coffee and tea facilities or anything else that is important to you. These are the same basic amenities you will find at hotels that often charge twice the price.

It is certainly possible for you to find a great quality hotel that is available for a budget rate. Take the time to look over the budget hotels in Earls Court and take a close look at the Hotel Lily. The Hotel Lily is a fine 3 star hotel located in the Earls Court area and provides you with everything that you could want to make sure you have a comfortable and relaxing stay during your time in London at an affordable price.