Keeping it in Hand

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Have you ever noticed the rather large difference between the price you see a flight for, and the price you actually pay? By the time you’ve added on all the extras, such as check-in costs, taxes, fees, and baggage, you’re paying well over the price that first caught your eye! I saw a cheap flight last week, which I have subsequently booked, but once I added on the baggage costs, it was £50 more! I decided to be a little sneaky and set myself a challenge – I am going on a week’s holiday with hand baggage only.

Avoid the sharp intake of breath, it’s not as difficult as it seems, and it’s certainly not impossible.

I have booked with Monarch, and because of that I’m given a generous 10kg allowance for hand luggage. Of course, the size of my bag is limited, but I’m going to take a small wheelie case, which is surprisingly roomy. To combat the toiletry weight problem, I’m going to buy my toiletries at the airport, which will also stop me buying all manner of lotions and potions I’ll never use, but buy because they look shiny and I’m going on holiday. Has anyone else ever done that? They never get used, and usually end up coming home with me and gathering dust, or simply land in the bin Be aware that not all airlines have such a generous allowance, so check with your airline first, but there are several that do offer around the 10kg mark.

I’ll admit at first I was a little concerned at how much I could actually cram into my small case, and within my 10kg allowance, but I’ve been hugely surprised! It seems I am the master packer, and I’ve managed to pack everything I wanted. Of course, I’ve had to downscale on a few things, and I’ve had to plan outfits a little more than I normally would, and yes, I’m travelling to the airport in my heavy wedge heels, but aside from that, I’m bang on weight! I’ve also discovered that buying a lightweight suitcase works wonders, so I’d definitely recommend that!

So all this, and I’ve saved myself £50, not to mention the fact I don’t have to wait at the carousel on landing, praying my case will end up in the same destination as me! This saving money lark has become quite addictive, and I’ve added the baggage secret to my other regular saving trick – driving myself to the airport, and saying goodbye to expensive public transport and taxis! Not only does this idea save money, but it’s so convenient too, meaning less stress on travel day. I regularly book Birmingham Airport parking, and can’t rave about it enough. If you’re flying more regionally, you won’t miss out, with many a service offered, including Luton Airport parking. I’d highly recommend checking out what’s available at your airport.

My cheaper holiday has left me feeling quite saintly, not to mention leaving me more to spend
in duty free!