How To Book Cheap Flights

OK guys, I know I like to talk about it a lot, but I think traveling is absolutely for everyone and it should be accessible. Having said that, I thought we’d run you through the process of actually finding and booking cheap flights. Having visited many countries in the last few years, I seem to spend a lot of time flying so here is my process at finding cheap flights:

cheap flights1)   Use different comparison sites

Using sites like Skyscanner or Kayak is a really great way to get an idea of prices. If you do happen to use these sites, take advantage of getting a full price overview for the week or month that you might be traveling. This can save you a lot of money, especially by only adjusting your trip by a day or two.


2)   Find the cheapest flight and then go direct to their website to see if it’s cheaper

I often find that the comparison sites are not always the cheapest, but they certainly are the most convenient. You should always go to the site of the actual airline to see if it is possible to book it cheaper there. It only takes a few seconds and can be well worth it!


3)   Find the budget airlines that fly the route

This involves a bit of legwork from you guys I’m afraid. The flight comparison sites don’t always include all the budget airlines, so do some Googling to find what other airlines fly that route. Use the homepage of the airline to find out this information. The Wikipedia page for budget airlines for every country is also a very valuable resource and knowing the budget airlines for each country can also help a lot.


4)   After you’ve found the cheap flights, if it’s not direct then look at booking both legs independently

I have saved a fortune doing this flying from Australia to the UK, instead I booked Australia to Malaysia and Malaysia to UK independently and saved around $400. Check out the budget airlines that fly each leg and look at their sites and time/dates to see if you can do it yourself. This may take a little longer, but it can be well worth the effort.


5)   If you’re flying to a smaller airport, only book to a major city

For example, you want to fly to Chiang Mai. The best thing to do is to book a flight to Bangkok, and organize the local flight yourself. If you book all the way through to Chiang Mai you just pay a hefty premium for the service, so don’t let them shark you!


6)   Check out other routes

Lastly, if you want to fly to Washington DC or Philadelphia, check the prices to JFK and Newark. You might be able to connect onto your destination for cheaper. Also check for flights to nearby cities too. This can be great to also experience a place that you might not normally go to.


These 6 little steps should really help you save a fortune, just run through this list anytime you’re ready to book a flight and you’re certain not to get ripped off. Just jump to the airport and most of all enjoy your cheap flight.


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