5 Ways to Fund Your Grand Adventures

So you say you’d like to travel! Great choice; traveling is going to open your eyes up to some of the most amazing experiences and shifts in perspective you could imagine. From the jungles of Thailand to the islands in Greece, the possibilities are endless. You might imagine that traveling is an expensive activity, but the fact is that with a little planning and effort, you can afford to travel anywhere you like. Follow these simple tips for funding a great holiday or more!


Work Remotely

There are so many opportunities to make money on the road these days, so why not take advantage? Earn cash while you’re traveling to pay for your adventures. Websites like freelance.com and odesk.com offer opportunities to complete various tasks for money, enough to keep you going when you’re traveling!

Simplify your Life

Did you ever wonder what you’d be able to do if you suddenly had a lot less “stuff” in your life holding you down? I’m talking about your car, mortgage, furniture, big screen TV… all the material things that seem to clog up life and rack up the bills each month! Focus on eliminating the “things” you don’t need in your life, and you’ll find yourself with extra cash and more freedom to travel as you please.

Open a Savings Account

One great way to watch your savings grow is by opening one of the Best Interest Savings Accounts Online. With a variety of plans, from fixed term to easy access, you can’t go wrong trusting your money with a good place. They have great rates and will keep your money safe while helping your savings to grow. Before you know it, you’ll be hitting the airport with suitcase in hand!

Volunteer Abroad

If you don’t want to deal with the expenses of finding accommodation while you’re traveling, you’re in luck; there are tons of opportunities to volunteer in exchange for room and board! As a bonus, you’ll connect with locals and have an even more amazing experience than if you stayed near all the tourists. Check out wwoof.com and workaway.com for some great opportunities.

Save Smart

Put together a strategy for saving your money so you can plan your next trip. Commit to putting a certain percentage of your income towards traveling; you’ll be even more motivated to go to work each day! Or cut back on things like eating out or going to movies… you can cook at home with the family and save some cash for your next adventure!

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