From Heli-Skiing to Hiking and Biking: Iconic Adventure Destinations that are Made in the U.S.A.

There is no shortage of great adventure locations in Canada, but even so Canadians may feel tempted to try out the United States. The US has a huge range of spectacular landscapes, and you don’t need to travel too far to get the wild experience. Here are a few of the opportunities just across the border.


Heli-ski in Alaska

The Cugach Mountains are a skier’s paradise, with huge peaks and empty slopes. There is no need to queue for a ski-lift in order to queue for the piste. A helicopter will take you to the top of the most remote peaks in the world with an untouched slope beneath you.

Sea Kayak in Washington

The San Juan Islands are sheltered from the ocean swells, and at the same time rugged and remote. A sea kayak trip can be a day’s outing, or a five-day adventure. Magnificent views and encounters with incredible sea life round off the experience.

Backpack in Montana

There are enough routes around Glacier Park to keep you occupied for years, from overnighters to ten-day hikes. There is plenty of wildlife to see here, from grizzlies to over 260 species of birds. It takes some getting around, so travel in a good SUV like the Jeep Renegade.

Bike in North Dakota

The Badlands of North Dakota are a unique spectacle, and cycling along the 97 miles of the Maah Daah Hey Trail you get the opportunity to experience this amazing landscape, sharing it with hikers and horse riders.

Dogsled in Minnesota

The Boundary Waters Wilderness is busy in summer, but in winter it is a deserted wonderland. What better way to experience it than to take a team of dogs across the snow, learning how to build snow shelters and taking in the awesome night skies?

Wreck Dive in Michigan

Protected from the effects of ocean salt and sea life, the wrecks in Lake Superior are amazingly well preserved. Dive through the crystal clear water around Isle Royale to explore some of the best.

Canoe in New York

The Adirondacks make up a huge protected natural wilderness. One of the best ways to explore the black water country is by canoe. Take four days or so to experience the wonder of the wild.

Ski in Vermont

The 300 mile Catamount Trail is the longest ski route in the States, and the best thing about it is that it links a line of country inns. Not only do you get to enjoy the exhilaration of cross-country skiing, but you also get to relax in some of the friendliest of hostelries.

Sea Kayak in Maine

If you started your tour by kayaking in the Pacific, end it by kayaking in the Atlantic. The Maine Island Trail covers the whole 375 mile coast of Maine, and links over 200 island and mainland points of interest.

There’s More

Exploring the tempting adventure opportunities of the northern states of the US is just the beginning. Once you have started, you will find it hard to stop crossing the border for adrenalin-filled experiences.
Faith Welch loves adventure! When travelling she always seeks out new experiences, whether bungee jumping or off-roading through the desert, whilst at home she enjoys hiking and has just taken up rock climbing.