Why All Families Are Flocking To This Holiday Destination This Winter

Winter is almost upon us, so what better way to escape the darker nights and colder temperatures than by escaping to the Mediterranean with the family? With scorching temperatures, beautiful coastlines, vibrant nightlife and a rustic, hearty cuisine, this part of the world has something to suit everyone.

There’s so much to do

Perhaps one of the reasons why the Mediterranean is so popular for families is that it’s such a diverse area. One day, you could be sailing down the iconic canals of Venice and then you could be snorkelling through the emerald green waters of Croatia, skiing in the French Alps or experiencing some of the finest architecture by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona the next. Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when travelling with children is ensuring that they are engaged at all times, and this is where the Mediterranean excels. There’s so much to see and so many activities to enjoy in every town and city – meaning your kids are sure to have the time of their lives.

The Mediterranean is such a diverse and expansive region that it can be difficult to plan your trip and take in everything that it has to offer. However, this will not be an issue if you book a Mediterranean cruise through a company like Imagine Cruising. You’ll be taken to some of the finest ports in France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia, or you can enjoy a more comprehensive trip around a single country to really soak up what it has to offer.


The climate

The Mediterranean is the ideal place to soak up some winter sun. Depending on which country you visit, temperatures can reach as high as 25 degrees C in October, so you’ll be able to lounge on the deck of your cruise ship and feel the warmth hit your skin. It certainly makes a refreshing change from the grey skies and the rainfall that we are usually greeted with throughout winter, and this is perhaps one of the main reasons that families are flocking to this region.

The history

After a long year at the office and looking after the kids, what better way to broaden your horizons than by taking in the fascinating history of some of the major towns and cities in the Mediterranean? The Medieval walls in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik really will inspire you, or why not immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Ancient Greek history? If you decide to embark at the Greek port of Katakolon, you will be able to visit the ancient city of Olympia, and you’ll even be able to run on the former Olympic track there. You are probably already aware of the historical influences that have shaped Greek culture, but you might not be aware that Dubrovnik is just as rich in historical splendour.

As you can see, the Mediterranean can act as a great way of inspiring and educating your children, as well as being a fantastic holiday destination, so consider starting your own adventure and making memories that the whole family will enjoy.