4 Great ways to travel cheaper

If you are heading off to the land of travelling in 2015, you’ll have plenty to look forward to. Regardless of how long you go – one month, or 12 – budgeting is always import. Some people will find that their money couldn’t go the distance and they will return home with a broken heart and an empty pocket. Below we take a look at the best ways to travel cheaper for longer.

4 Ways to travel cheaper

  1. Be social

Treating yourself to a guided a walk or tour is a great way to explore a city, but it’s not the only way. You’ll be sure to get a real education but is it always worth the cost? Maybe not. You’ll find it difficult to find anyone who knows a town or a city like a local. Get introduced to local people and ask for tips, get advice and head out on your own – or if you’re fortunate enough, they may even offer to show you around. A good way to do this is by using sites like couchsurfing.com and finding new friends. It’s important to show a keen interest in their culture and at least attempt the native language. This enthusiasm and respect is likely to be rewarded and you’ll find yourself with a new friend.

  1. Embrace technology

You’d be silly to wander off travelling without some kind of electronic device – it will serve you well in terms of spending. You can save a pretty penny by investing in a simple smart phone and affording yourself the luxury of Skype and Wi-Fi. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a Skype call; you can buy international calling allowances for one month for very little.

  1. Bargain like a local

The best travellers are the best budgeters; this is no secret. Research the country or countries you are visiting before you go, take notes and get the scoop. Bargain travelling is a must. Search for your train tickets, your plane tickets and your bus tickets (this is also another important reason to invest in a reliable piece of technology). Find the cheapest way to travel to your destination and remember that overnight trips can sometimes be a great way to save on accommodation.

Another import part of travelling cheap is bargaining like a local. For example, if you’re staying in Paris, you’ll face many pricey challenges. A notoriously beautiful, yet often deemed expensive city – you’ll need to find smart ways to shop and get around here. Shop locally, and hit the markets – you’ll find plenty of good and cheap food and necessities here.

  1. Hunt for cheaper accommodation

Travelling the world can be as affordable as you make it, and your biggest challenge will be finding affordable accommodation. City centre accommodation is always more expensive than small towns and the outskirts of the city so consider location when it comes to booking where you are going to stay. If you are looking to stay in the city then hostels and guesthouses are a great place to start although you can still find a bargain and some luxury by staying in a hotel if you take the time to explore your options. Websites like Air BnB and Expedia continue to make it easier to hunt out bargains when it comes to booking your accommodation.

It will come as no surprise that the most successful travellers are friendly people who are well researched and well prepared. Be adaptable. The key to being a great traveller on the cheap for longer is to become a traveller and avoid being a tourist. Although easier said than done, if you can manage your finances and follow our top 4 tips – you’ll avoid the cliché tourist traps and fall into an easy and affordable way of travelling.

Image via Pixabay.com.