New Zealand: The Best Place to Holiday This Year!

New Zealand, renowned worldwide for its prominence in rugby, is located in the south west of the Pacific Ocean. The country is comprised of two main Islands; the Te Ika-a-Māui, also referred to as the Northern Island, and the Te Waipounamu, the Southern Island. The population of New Zealand is mainly dominated by those of European origin, and tourism is a major export earner for the country, with over 2 million international tourists visiting each year. On many occasions, New Zealand has been included in some of the best places to live in the world, not only because of the sheer beauty, but also due to the high quality of life. If you’re thinking about visiting New Zealand this year, then here are some great reason’s why it’s an amazing holiday destination!


Auckland City

Also referred to as ‘The city of Sails’, Auckland is the biggest city both in terms of population and size in Northern New Zealand. This metropolitan landscape is comprised of beautiful restaurants and breathtaking scenery, and is ranked among the top 10 best cities of the world! The stunning Mission Bay Beach offers tourists the chance to experience the ‘coastal’ life; something when combined with the vibrancy of the city can be an interesting change to the typical vacation setting. The sky Tower, which is the tallest structure made by man in New Zealand, offers splendid views for about 80km in all directions, so if you’re not afraid of heights, this is the place to go!

Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World

Established in 1985 by a kiwi adventurer Kelly Tarlton, this splendid attraction is made of different ‘zones’, where families can experience many different types of marine life. Home to some of the country’s famous penguins, this is a once in a lifetime chance to view the sub Antarctic birds close-up. Furthermore, tourists have the golden opportunity to view the playful antics of the penguins in their snowy environment, as well as their fascinating flight underwater!

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is situated in central North Island, and it is famous for being the oldest national park in the country. Historical data suggests that it is the fourth park to be established in the whole world, and it is also among the 28 natural heritage sites recognised by the world body UNESCO.

In the midst of the park are three active volcanoes; Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Mount Ruapehe. These are spectacular places to visit, especially if you’re holidaying with the family, and you even have the opportunity to camp with experienced tour guides on the volcano’s themselves!


Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, and more famously known as ‘the capital of cool’. Out of all of New Zealand’s cities, it offers one of the best atmospheres and cultures in the country, not to mention a wealth of tourist attractions! The Karori Sanctuary Trust, a historical and diverse museum, has many rare plant species and animals to see, and Kelburn village, another great place to visit in Wellington, is full of cozy cafes and wonderful unique bakeries!