Why Traveling for Business is Awesome



Think about your average 9-5 job… stuck in a cubicle all day, whiling away the hours until lunch and the end of the day… and doing it all over again. You know there are always those people at the company who are out traveling, and though they might complain at times about some of the inconveniences, it’s actually quite awesome to travel for business! So the next time your boss asks who’s up for a business trip, make sure and volunteer because business travel is awesome. Here’s why:

Have a Change of Scenery

As a business traveler, you’ll always enjoy a change of scenery, a far cry from the day in day out sameness of a cubicle. From different hotels to offices and meeting places, the change in environment can be stimulating and make you even more productive. You could find youself at the Ritz Carlton one day and the Torquay events & conference center the next.

Flight Perks

When you’re a corporate traveler, you’re often likely to get upgrades (and you’re often flying business class anyway!) There’s nothing better than skipping the dreaded coach seats and relaxing in the roomier business class section of the plane. And since you never know until you try, smile and ask the check-in person if they have any upgrades available. If first-class isn’t booked, you just might find yourself bumped up.

Become a Travel Master

There’s no doubt that business travelers are among those who know the in’s and out’s of an airport like no other! If you travel often for business, you’ll become more than comfortable with the whole traveling process, and will learn how to get through it like a breeze. Security checkpoints? Long queues at check-in? Pssh, no problem. You’ll bypass these issues with the swipe of a frequent flyer or VIP card soon enough!

Make Connections

Far from being stationary, a business traveler is always on the go, meeting new people and making connections. While it can be tiring to constantly be meeting new people and having to stay “on”, it ultimately improves your people skills and makes you a great communicator. Enjoy the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the country or world. It’s really an education to travel, helping you grow and develop both as a professional and as an individual.