What to Wear for an Outdoor Adventure

Are you busy planning a holiday away that’s centered around some outdoor adventures? Maybe you’re packing up for a big camping or rafting trip, or a multi-day hiking or cycling trip. Or maybe you’re staying close to home and planning a local hike or bike ride. Whatever your plans are, you want to make sure that you’re wearing the right gear to keep you comfortable during your activities. With so many great options available now for outdoor sporting wear, don’t miss these staples for your wardrobe:

Breathable shirts

If you’re planning to be active, you probably don’t want to select a heavy cotton T-shirt that’s going to be soaked through with sweat in less than half an hour. Or if you do, plan on bring a change of clothes (or three.) Instead, opt for a lightweight shirt that’s breathable from the start, so you can stay cool and comfortable all day. Royal Robbins has some great options for shirts for both men and women that are perfect for your outdoor adventure.



High-quality footwear is essential if you want to be safe and comfortable hiking or biking. You’ll want to do research as to which footwear is best for the sport you want to do, but just remember the principle that you’ll get what you pay for. Your shoes are one of the most important things you’ll wear when doing an outdoor sport, so invest in something that’s going to last.


For both men and women, shorts can be the ideal item of clothing to wear on the bottom to keep you cool and comfortable during any kind of outdoor activity. For biking, make sure to wear something with Spandex so it won’t catch on the spokes. Again, go with breathable and lightweight material that will wick sweat away from your body. The exception would be if you’re going hiking somewhere with bugs or any nettles that might irritate your legs. In this case, wear loose pants instead of shorts.


If you’re going hiking or camping, you’ll want to be prepared with layers in case you are lucky enough to encounter a rainstorm! Pick up a good quality raincoat to keep you dry, because there’s nothing more miserable than trying to enjoy nature while you’re soaked to the bone. Vests can also be a good option for something lighter.