Vaccinations & Immunizations for Traveling in Europe


What travel vaccinations will you need when traveling in Europe?

The good news is not many – and if you are already up to date with most of your shots you might not even need to be jabbed once.

If you’re not sure on the shots and immunizations you have already you need to go to your GP and they’ll be able to advise you further. This quick guide will give you some info and give you an idea of the shots you’ll need when backpacking through Europe

What countries are this guide for?

The good thing about Europe is that everything is so close – you could find yourself in any of the countries below:


  Albania * Germany Poland *
 Armenia  Greece * (Yellow Fever too)  Portugal
 Austria  Hungary  Romania *
 Azerbaijan *  Iceland  Russia *
 Belarus *  Ireland  Serbia
 Belgium  Italy  Slovakia *
 Bosnia & Herzegovina *  Kazakhstan *  Slovenia *
 Bulgaria  Latvia *  Spain
 Croatia *  Lithuania *  Sweden
 Cyprus  Luxembourg  Switzerland
 Czech Republic *  Macedonia *  Turkey
 Denmark  Malta  Ukraine *
 Estonia *  Moldova *  United Kingdom
Finland  Montenegro
 France  Netherlands
 Georgia  Norway


What travel vaccinations / shots should I get?

Measles / Mumps / Rubella – If you are not up to date with this already, you’ll need it. It’s all in one shot too – saving you on needles in the arm.
Diphtheria / Tetanus / Polio – You should have these done anyway, and the good news is it’s all combined into 1 shot and it lasts 10 years.

This young chap even managed a smile getting his shots done!


What travel vaccinations are OPTIONAL?

These vaccinations are not necessary unless you’re going to visit certain countries (mainly Eastern Europe) – We’ve put a star next to each of these countries on the table above so it’s easy to find :

Hepatitis A
– Hepatitis B (GET THIS!)


Remember to keep track of your immunizations in a booklet so when you go away to a new continent you won’t have to get the same shots over again – saving you money and a sore arm.

Europe is a fantastic place to explore, rich in culture, history and beauty. You’ll likely end up being there for a while so make sure you’re up to date with your immunizations or look like Mr Flu below…

Didn't read up before you left? Forgot to get your shots done? .....Enjoying your trip mate?


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