Know Who You’re Traveling With

This post is dedicated to what I think is one of the most important things to think about when planning a trip. Know who you are going with. I’ve taken trips with people that I didn’t know so well and its worked out great but its also worked out poorly. Now, when I say know who you are traveling with, I don’t just mean know they’re name, sign, favorite color, and where they were born. Here are some qualities that I think are important to know about those you travel with:

Can They Handle Their Liquor

No one likes to be that kid at the party that is falling over themselves and throwing up. Also, no one likes to be with that kid at the party. Traveling is just the same. A horrendous night of throwing up and/or passing out while in a foreign country can not only ruin the fun, but can also be dangerous. Have drinks, get drunk, but know your limit!

Out with friends for some drinks!

Will They Have Your Back

Whether it be an altercation with a stranger (which are always good to avoid) or being scared to try something new, its good to make sure they will have your back. Can you trust them to handle making a room reservation or watching your stuff when you go to shower. Its nice to have another set of trusted eyes apart from your own to look out for you.

Are They Able to Keep Cool

Every traveler gets lost or hits a speed bump along the way. Most travelers hit many speed bumps, but its how you take that speed bump or unexpected turn that can make or break the day. I have been with people who embrace getting lost and the unknown that you’ll encounter. Can the person take a breath and work with you to figure out where you’re going or does a screaming match ensue? A personal tip, when you get lost make it your priority to find a place to relax. I like the bar. Not only can you get a drink but also the bartender usually knows their way around (directions!).

We ended up at this beach completely on accident, had a great time though!

Can You Spend Hours on End Together

This is more for the unglamorous hours of travel. Not for the cities where you’ll be surrounded by thousands. Or in the museum where you may fall deep in thought with a work of art. But its more about the plane rides, train rides, and hours in an airport terminal. These are the times where personalities should mesh because you only have each other and each others thoughts to pass the time. There is nothing worse than a four hour layover feeling like a twelve hour layover.

Here are some other quick things to think about: are they messy and, if so, will this drive you nuts? Do they snore? Are they good with money (you don’t want to have to pay the way for two of you)? Do they like the same things as you?

In the end its all about personalities and traveling with someone you won’t want to kill!

In front of the Brandenburg Gate with a group I did a lot of traveling with.


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