Tips: Simplifying Your Travel Experience

Travel is one of those things that should be as carefree as possible and without knowing it people make many mistakes when it comes to traveling. These small mistakes can really increase the stress level of your trip and this is not ideal for a fun and relaxing holiday. I have constructed a little list of issues that come up along the way and some ways that you can easily solve these.

Getting around

One thing that I find really difficult about visiting new places is coming to terms with how to get around. Every city is unique and has its own structure that you need to quickly navigate and understand in order to get around quickly and efficiently. One problem that I always see is people getting off the plane (jetlagged) and they try to find the best way from the airport to the city. They probably haven’t eaten in a while and are a little confused and overwhelmed by the situation. An airport transfer is one great way of negating this issue and it gives you some time to relax and not worry about trying to catch a bus or train to the city.

I had the opportunity to try out Blacklane, which offers airport transfers and normal transport (like Uber, but better). It was great to be greeted at the airport by the driver and we were underway immediately. This meant that I was also able to jump straight in the car, get my thoughts together and recover a little bit and relax. By the time I reached my hotel I was fresh and ready to go. This was also ideal because the trip was only for the weekend and a few hours can make a huge difference on such a short trip. This is something that I would highly recommend to those that need to be quick and efficient and is available in over 250 cities around the world!

Packing too much

You can always see when somebody has packed too much, it is noticeable from a mile away. Despite our best efforts, sometimes we pack too much in our luggage and it absolutely hurts when we travel with this added bulk. This is especially the case on longer trips, where you may even be tempted to throw things away because they are just weighing you down and killing the fun. My view has always been that if you “might” wear or use something during your trip then you shouldn’t take it with you. Remember that you aren’t going to need 5 pairs of trousers when traveling to the heat ofAsia! Be practical and objective about what you should and should not bring.

If your destination is more remote then of course you need to be more calculated with what you pack, but on the other hand if you are visiting a large city you can probably find the item there if you really need it.

Bringing the wrong bag

This is another thing that plagues many travelers and is something that people think they can get away with. Trust me though, you cannot get away with an inappropriate bag! You should seriously think about the type of bag that you take on your trip before you go. For example, if you are backpacking around Europe you absolutely want a backpack and not a suitcase. You need to consider the specific factors about your trip when selecting the right bag for you. A suitcase is perfect when you don’t need to walk a lot, a satchel is ideal for carry on luggage and a backpack is great for walking around. Think about your bags and then pick the right ones!

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