What to do If You Get Sick While Traveling

Tis the season to start feeling under the weather and since thats just how I’ve been feeling lately, I figured it would be a good time to give some advice on what to do if you get sick while you’re traveling. This is one of the most feared situations for a traveler, well this or an injury. There is nothing worse than having a limited amount of time in a new place and for the majority of it you’re hugging a toilet. And unfortunately Mom probably won’t be there to make you soup and help you feel better. It is good to mentally prepare for this time as I’m sure it will come. Whether it be the common cold or food poisoning from that new exotic dish you tried you are bound to feel like hell at some point.

This is exactly how I feel when I’m sick.


First and foremost, DON’T FREAK OUT. I can’t stress this enough. Just because you’re somewhere exotic doesn’t mean you have an exotic disease. Do what you would do if you were home. Get comfortable, relax, and rest up. Now this next little piece of advice I will say but have a hard time doing myself. Stay in bed. You will have the urge to go and see all you can, but the last thing a sick body needs is 8 hours of walking around a city. Most of the time whatever is making you sick, just needs time to leave your body. Try drink lots of water and some OJ cause that vitamin C works some wonders.

Another good tip, wait a few days for whatever it is to pass. I’d much rather spend a few days in bed then take an unnecessary trip to the hospital. I try to avoid hospitals at all costs, can’t stand being in them! Now, if worst case scenario you are really sick and you think you do need some kind of medical attention, you should contact your embassy. Often times they have a list of either doctors of facilities that are good for you to go to. The consulate can also get in touch with family or friends if need be or transfer any necessary funds. This of course is the worst case scenario. I hope it never comes to that for ya. So a quick recap: don’t freak out, rest, drink lots of water, get some vitamin C in you, don’t freak out, and if things get serious contact your embassy. Then feel better, throw a party, and get on with exploring the world!


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