How to share Travel Photos

Travelling is my favourite hobby and a passion shared by many throughout the world. When I travel, I use my digital SLR camera to capture the unique experiences, cultures, foods, landscapes and emotions. All those experiences played a large part in forming the person I am today, and it is only natural to want to share those memories and experiences with my friends and family when I get home.

The big question is how to share the pictures when you get back, rather than letting them stagnate in a USB stick somewhere. Luckily for us, the modern age provides many great opportunities for exactly this

Below are my top favourites

1. Share Online

Facebook is the most interactive method to share pictures with family and friends as ti is free and you can tag family members and friends to let them know a new photo is online. With over 140 billion photos on the internet, Facebook has become one of the most active photo sharing sites on the internet, despite that not being the primary function of the site.

Another free photo sharing/storing site is Flickr. You can select to display your pictures with a creative common license where publishers can use the pictures through promotions for some money.

  1. Create a Slideshow

If you would like to be more creative with your photos than just posting them, you can create a slideshow. Kizoa is one of the best online platforms to do that for you. After uploading photos, use their drag – drop builder to move snaps, text, stickers and animations. You can then set it and share it on Facebook. They also have various features that enhance your slideshows. If you would like to share your slideshows with the logo, you can do it, it is free. You can also burn it on DVD and share it to someone you love.

  1. Print and Hang

You’d obviously save printing for only your best photos, as to do it with all of them simply wouldn’t make sense. When you get back from a trip, set some time aside to go through all your photos and create a shortlist of those you might want to print and hang on a wall. Then wait a while and go through that shortlist, and pick out the best. A canvas printing site like The Canvas Factory should be able to do the job for you, then you’ll have a great print to hang on your wall.

  1. Design a Video

At times your wild adventures involve nothing better than a cool mixture. Just plug your photos and, and Animotos software can do the rest. It can adjust your pictures to change with the beat of the song. If you do not mind a logo with a video that is shorter than 30seconds, use their software for free of charge, or else, go with one of the monthly plans.

  1. Old School Photo Album

This used to be the only option for showing photos of your travels, put all the developed shots in a photo album and bring it out when friends come around. Nowadays instead of having a whole bunch of photo albums in a box somewhere, really go overboard and get a nice leatherbound book and treat it like a coffee table book. Great conversation starter and always a good trip down memory lane.