Selecting a Logical Place to Stay When Travelling

When you go travel to some new town or location you might easily find yourself picking a room at a hotel or motel that can cost substantially more than you really need.  Often the location and name of the area can add significantly to the price you may spend for your lodgings.  So it is a good idea to think carefully about the things you intend to do while at your place of stay before selecting your hotel.  Most places will not provide the settings you are accustomed to finding at home that you have furnished using your bed bath and beyond coupon, so try looking for a place that most closely approximates what you like.

In most cases today you can be confident that there will be reasonably quality room facilities.  So your principal concern is the quality of their facilities, the maintenance and service.  Often the quality of maintenance and service is not reflected in the price.  I lose count of the number of $300+ rooms that are so poorly maintained that people refuse to tip the maintenance crew.  Conversely, I have stayed in hotels with classy suites and baths that cost less than $75/night.  So the price may not reflect the quality of service.  A way to determine quality is to read reviews from others.  If someone thinks it is important enough to leave a comment that usually means they feel strongly about the service and the facility.  However, comments may be edited to boost business.  It is a good idea to view comments on more than one site.  And don’t waste time collecting little goodies from the hotels.  Instead use a Groupon coupon or promo code to get the products from Bed, Bath and Beyond that will best fit the atmosphere and character of your own home.  Not only will you find exactly what you want, but you can get them at a much better savings for items of quality that make your home far more attractive than those found in all but the most luxurious hotels.

The other concern is the degree to which you really need any special services a place may provide.  Obviously if one is spending a couple of days you want to have certain amenities available.  But if your stay is going to be less than 72 hours, then do you really need that swimming pool, exercise room or sauna?  And is a room with a view of the harbor or beach necessary if you expect to be at meetings or conferences each day from dawn to dusk? You will pay extra for these luxuries, even though you may never use them.  A person traveling for business can spending a week at a major conference in a city and rarely returned to their room before 9:00 PM.  All the luxuries the hotel provides will be of little value since that person is most likely to spend hours preparing for the following day’s meetings.

The point made here is that you may often find that you can get excellent places to stay at places for much more reasonable prices.  And that once you’ve considered what you truly want or need for your stay, you can often find a place more appropriate that really meets your needs, without breaking your budget.  By taking advantage of a Groupon coupon and carefully examining the deals offered you will be able to enjoy a comfortable stay at a quality hotel without exceeding your credit limit.


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