Reasons to Why You Should Travel to Copenhagen With Your Kids

Copenhagen, the capital and biggest city of Denmark, offers a lot of things to do and see always waiting for you to enjoy with your kids whenever you go there for a holiday or a family reunion. With the availability of numerous airlines offering cheap flights to Copenhagen from London today, getting to the vibrant city has never been easier and enjoyable. You only need to look for your favourite flight and book early enough to avoid any inconveniences.

On your first day at Copenhagen, you can take your dinner and spend a night at the Tivoli Hotel. The family-friendly hotel is located about 10 kilometres from the city centre of Copenhagen, not far away from the Central Station. The hotel specialises in offering the best of Danish cuisine fused with a few international flavours. It also offers children toilet seats, children’s pools, a mini disco, electricity plug-cover, baby chairs, baby sitting services, cots, a spacious playground, and tennis lessons for kids.

As long as you stay with your family at the hotel, you will always get free admission to the famous Tivoli Garden Amusement Park. The park offers numerous fascinating rides, swimming pools, face painting, and a theatre showing a number of child-friendly movies and programs.

If you believe your older kids are technology geeks, you have every reason to take them to the National Museum of Science & Technology. Here, the kids will get the answers to almost all of their curious questions about airplanes, computers, electricity, mobile devices, cars, and old crafts. The museum houses numerous old and most modern computers, vehicles, airplanes, among other impressive electronic gadgets. They will also get a chance to know more about what technology has in store for the future generations.

At the Zoological Museum, kids get a chance to be in touch with Mother Nature as they discover animals from different parts of the world. They are allowed to see the tame foxes, squirrels, lions, monkeys, and hares. They can also see the skeletons of some of the largest extinct animals and whales in the world. In addition, there are numerous stuffed animals that kids can play with as much as much as they like while at the museum.

The Blue Planet Aquarium is also one of best places in Copenhagen waiting to give nature-loving kids very unforgettable experiences. The aquarium features a biological museum with theme-based exhibits and a touch pool for children to enjoy, 5 large landscape aquaria, and more than 69 aquariums housing more than 350 species of marine life from different parts of the world. The largest aquarium contains more than 86,000 litres of water.

The whirlpool-shaped Blue Planet Aquarium’s café is the perfect place for you and your family to take a break and have some refreshments and mouth-watering dishes as you enjoy stunning views of the beautiful surrounding.

Instead of driving around Copenhagen, you can also experience great fun with your kids cycling around some of the city’s bicycle paths. The city has a well-designed and organised system of cycle tracks including flat terrains, long and short distances, as well as urban proximities. Cycling in the city is considered cheaper, eco-friendly, quicker, and healthier as compared to using public transport or private cars. There are a number of bicycle hire companies to choose from such as Baisikeli Bike Rental, Rent a Bike, Bikify, and Global Student.

Due to the fact that kids love shopping, you would do them a great favour by taking them to one of Copenhagen’s wonderful shopping cenres – Fisketorvet Shopping Centre. The shopping centre is occupied by numerous vendors selling a wide variety of items including toys, jewellery, kids and baby clothes, and shoes.


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  1. I love the idea about going for Christmas! I was just looking at a map today, dreaming about going north. Thanks for the ideas!! I’m using this as a resource for my trip there 🙂

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