A Romantic Vacation: What to Expect


A romantic trip together with a significant other always seems truly cloudless and full of pleasures. Any joint holiday is not only the smell of the sea, the ringing of glasses with wine, the nights in bed with snow-white linen, and brunch. It’s also twenty-four hours a day together. It’s not for nothing that the vacation together is the “winner” among the tests for compatibility, determining the result to within ninety percent.

Where to go?

The main question that will excite (and it is really important) – where, in fact, can you escape from the city’s bustle and enjoy each other’s society? The most budget option is a trip outside the city. Here everything depends on your imagination. For example, you can spend the whole day in another city, walking in the parks and visiting the sights.

Another option is to spend the weekend abroad.

Think about the route

If you decide to spend the whole week (or better two) far away from home, it’s better to plan your vacation in advance: whether it’s lying on the beach all days long or a tour to all the sights of this or that place. Think about what would be nice for your woman during the rest, and don’t forget to surprise her. Think of the things that exactly awakened passion in the very beginning, and return at that time for a while.

Cities, the atmosphere of which will help awaken passion in you: Paris, Milan, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Venice. Think about what exactly you would like to do deciding to spend a weekend in Europe. For example, become real adventurers and go on your own excursion to the most unusual places. If there is time to get acquainted with some facts and sights from the guide in advance, then become nice guides for each other. And don’t forget to flirt during walks!

Pay all attention to each other, remember the funny joint moments and arrange a small shopping. You are in Europe! Believe me, the tradition of buying each other nice gifts in beautiful European stores is much better than going to a huge mega-mall for a new blouse. This is what men who date brides on Vava com advise.


The main problem is that women have to show their natural beauty. They will feel insecure in the morning because it is difficult to maintain beauty in the room for two. So, remember that a loving man will never contemptuously raise his eyebrows when he sees his woman without makeup or with disheveled, wet hair. On the contrary, he will enjoy the opportunity to admire her real, without a ton of makeup – a man should love the natural beauty that any woman has. Masha brides are the examples of natural beauty.

Financial side of relations

If you invite a girl on a trip, then, of course, this assumes that you pay all the costs. Another variant – you pay for the trip equally. Usually, girls watch their companions on vacation – how they communicate with waiters, on what they spend money, how they respond girls’ requests, etc. The greed of a man is very repulsive, so they draw conclusions even if you don’t notice that.

Household habits

Household habits and life in one room can easily change your point of view about each other and lead to a breakup. That’s why you can’t restrain yourself and behave unnaturally – your most unusual habits may seem nice to her and she will love you even more. If your woman has any secret predilections, then they will manifest themselves on vacation. And don’t be fooled – unlikely you will “change” a woman’s habits by the power of your love and care. So, if your aim was to find Ukrainian brides, take the woman of your choice on a trip to get to know her better.

The first joint vacation also checks the compatibility of people in terms of sociability. If one of you is the soul of the company, can’t live for an hour without cheerful friendly communication, and the second – is a quiet person, then the idyll in a couple will last not very long.


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