Restaurant districts in Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, Canada is home to several high-quality restaurant districts. The neighborhoods focus on providing great eats within establishments that range from casual diners and bakeries to high-end restaurants. Enjoy the meal of choice and complete the experience with the ease of credit card purchase. Three key restaurant districts in the city are Chinatown, 4th Street and Inglewood.

Calgary Chinatown

Calgary’s restaurant district Chinatown is the fourth largest in Canada. The district originated in 1910 and is located in downtown Calgary. Stroll the district and behold several Asian-influenced restaurants.
Two story buildings line Chinatown and proudly bear neon and hand painted signs. Along with culture comes convenience when diners use credit cards to pay for their pleasurable meals. Add in specialty shops to peruse after dining and both Calgary residents and tourists enjoy a great experience.
4Th Street BRZ
The 4th Street Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) combines historic sites with urban flair. The district is lined with over 35 restaurants from around the world. Add in events such as the Lilac Festival, and the day is even more exciting!
The 13 short blocks also offer business services and retail stores for shopping after meals. 4th Street has artistic flair as original sculptures highlight the restaurant district’s streets.

Whether craving an Italian dish or a hearty burger, there are many food choices at 4th Street BRZ. Avoid having to carry cash around the neighborhood by simply paying with credit card. Benefits do not stop here, by paying services with travel rewards cards in Canada you are also able to accumulate rewards points at a higher rate for every dollar you spend. Before anything, make sure to ask the local establishment whether they take American Express. The benefits are numerous with travel rewards cards and you do not want to miss out.
Inglewood is a must-visit location within Calgary, as the district combines heritage with great places to dine. Inglewood was the first community formed in the city and its commercial, industrial and domestic buildings date back to the early 1900s. There are several restaurants to choose from in the neighborhood.
Located in central Calgary, Inglewood combines events, shopping, and the arts with its dining experiences. Find out why the district is tagged “Calgary’s Original Main Street”! Restaurants are ready to serve breakfast, lunch and night time meals, with the ease of a credit card to pay for the original dining experience. Taste local foods picked at nearby farms or choose to enjoy an off-beat diner instead. Whatever your preference, Inglewood is sure to please!
Enjoy delicious food while exploring the restaurant districts in Calgary, Alberta. The city is home to a Chinatown that is one of the largest in Canada. Food is high-quality for anyone eating within 4th Street BRZ or Inglewood’s restaurant districts.


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