A Quick Guide To Prague

When we think of Prague we think of an amazing European city that is just so unique and a great place to visit. I always love visiting, so here are some of my top tips for visiting Prague.

Enjoy the sights from the Charles Bridge

This is one of Prague’s most popular and loved tourist attractions. There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing and walking across the Charles Bridge, not to mention the views that it gives you of the city. The Gothic towers and Baroque statues are sure to impress the architecture buff and the bridge draws all kinds of people, like street performers, tourists and many other quirky people.

Visit the Prague castle

The Prague Castle has become an iconic part of Prague, sitting high above the city on the top of a hill. It overlooks the entire city and one of the best places to see the classic European architecture of Prague. The castle itself is architecturally very impressive, with its Gothic spires, gargoyles and abundance of arches. The grounds of the castle are also a beautiful place to visit with a lot of peaceful greenery and well worth wandering around on a warm summers day.

Enjoy the nightlife

Prague has become legendary for its nightlife and it really isn’t hard to see why when you visit. The Czechs love going out and being social and Prague has developed its own unique nightlife that you really can’t find anywhere else in Europe.


Bars, cafes, lounges, beer gardens, jazz bars, pub crawls, dance clubs, underground clubs, casinos, strip clubs…Prague has ever singly type of venue you can think of when it comes to nighttime entertainment.

As a first time visitor you probably won’t venture outside of the Center much, but trust us when we tell you that Prague’s nightlife extends well beyond the confines of Prague 1.

When in the center start off with a beer or mixed drinks at Chapeau Rouge (pictured above), which is a famous three floored bar/club/underground music venue right near Old Town Square.

Or check out U Vejvodu Pub & Beer Hall Restaurant. It’s got a great relaxed atmosphere, you can get a pint of Pilsner for under $1.70, there are always pretzels on the table, and the bartenders seem like they’ve been around for ages.

Most clubs don’t start going till about 1:00 AM, but if you get there before midnight there is rarely a cover charge. Let loose…just leave your valuables locked up in your hostel/hotel/rental apartment.

We have experienced absolutely zero crime during our time in Prague. However, as with any other location, pick-pocketing and petty theft does occur, so use common sense whilst enjoying your night out.

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