Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Cuba

Cuba wasn’t always a top tourist destination, and for a while it was the exact opposite. However over the last few years, this Caribbean island has become extremely popular with tourists and travellers all over the world, and it’s no wonder why Cuba’s economic infrastructure has come on leaps and bounds in order to try and accommodate these people. All good holidaying attractions have a number of things in common, and Cuba is no different. Not only does it offer a wealth of culture and historic architecture, but its music, food and hospitality is some of the best in the Caribbean. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular tourist attractions in Cuba.

Maria la Gorda

Maria la Gorda actually means ‘fat maria’, so it’s clear to see that this small village already packs a personality! As a top diving destination in the Caribbean, Maria la Gorda is one of the biggest tourist hotspots on the island, and from its pristine beaches to its laid back atmosphere, this really is an amazing village. The main attraction is the state of the art diving centre, and you can come here and train as a diver no matter what your skill level. In fact, it actually encourages amateurs to join up to their training school! Once you’ve finished a hard day’s training, there are also a number of bars and restaurants along the beachside, while you can dine in style and relax in comfort.


One of the most beautiful places to visit in Cuba is Vinales, the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage site. With stunning mountains looking over a lush green valley, there are around 10,000 people living here, and tourists can travel in and out of the park as they please. Although there’s not much going on in Vinales apart from farming and agricultural developments, the fantastic views of the island are well worth the trip. is the UK’s premier online destination for cruise enthusiasts, providing thousands of reviews each year, so make sure you pay them a visit before you book your holiday to Cuba!

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Parque Nacional Cienaga de Zapata

From spectacular beaches to vast deep swamps, this national park is another major attraction in Cuba. Over the years, tourists have compared it to the Everglades in the United States of America, however there are also a number of differences too. Just like Maria la Gorda, ParqueNacionalCienaga de Zapata is a great scuba diving location, and its beaches are a joy to behold too. But one of the best things about this place is its collection of rare birds. If you’re a bird watcher, then make sure you bring your binoculars on your trip, not just for the flying wildlife, but for the infamous crocodile farm too!

Baracoa and Trinidad 

Cuba has a wealth of history, and much of it starts with Baracoa. This tiny town is over 500 years old, and there are a variety of structures and historical attractions that offer a great insight into life on Cuba many years ago. Offering a relaxed and chilled atmosphere, tourists should make sure they visit the street markets of Baracoa, or take an evening stroll down by the Yumuri river gorge.

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