Peculiar Cancun Attractions worth a Visit

You all know Cancun already – featured in loads of films and TV programmes the city on the Yucatan Peninsula is famed for its ridiculously attractive beaches, its crazily blue waters and its incredibly active nightlife. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Americas, and appeals to people of all ages.

This Mexican city has great food, great people and great culture, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age, gender and preferences. For those of you who don’t want to relax on the beach for a whole week, there’s a wide range of more quirky attractions that you may wish to try.

Here’s a little rundown to get your inspiración flowing!

Take to the Skies

We are not making this up, we promise, but down in Cancun you can fly high in the air with a jetpack strapped to your back! JetPack Mexico gives you a quick training lesson on how to control the device, and then you’re off!

You’ll be flying over the sea, as the jetpack actually uses high propulsion streams of water to keep you in the air, and you’ll get about half an hour of feeling like Superman. ¡Olé!

Admire Underwater Art

At MUSA – el MuseoSubacuatico, or the Underwater Museum in English – you can see a collection of more than 400 different sculptures, each of which is made by hand out of pH neutral clay by England’s very own Jason deCaires Taylor.

What makes that so special, you might think. Well, the entire gallery is underwater, and was created to encourage the depleted stocks of coral to come back to Cancun’s waters and proliferate once more. Strap on your snorkel and dive down to MUSA, just between Cancun and the Isla Mujeres.

“Vicissitudes” is a ring of people holding hands, whilst “Inertia” features a man sitting in front of the telly. The most memorable one is probably “Anthropocene”, a sculpture of a VW Beetle!

I Like Turtles!

Honestly, for us, this is one of those things that alone make booking Cancun flights worth it. On the gorgeous Isla Mujeres you can find a small hatchery of turtles that, because it’s poorly signposted, not many people know about.

Here you will be able to get up close and personal with a large variety of turtles, of different ages, sizes and shapes. The hatchery works hard to care for these turtles until they are old enough to leave and fend for themselves, and these little ones make such a lovely sight!

Entry will cost you, but that little phrase is no reason to panic in this case – it’s only 30 pesos! And you’ll be pleased to know that the money goes to a good cause: the hatchery houses a few small tanks where the less fortunate turtles live. The runts of the litter and any injured ones spend their time here recuperating, so come along and pass on your well wishes.

Also, just outside is the Casa de Las Iguanas – a large stack of rocks that is home to a number of the lizardy creatures!

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