The perfect app for travelling: World Around Me

There’s a new app in town and one that is going to change the way in which we find things when we travel. We’ve all been on the holiday and been lost or needed to find the closest coffee shop, well, the World Around Me app is here to help you find anything you need when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. You can use this app anywhere in the world, it was even listed as one of the best travel apps by National Geographic! It is an ideal app for anyone that wants to find things with ease and doesn’t want to be trawling through a never ending list of webpages. The app is simple, you choose the category of the place that you are looking for or you can search for the specific place and the WAM it, the result and directions will be with you in seconds.Screenshot_2013-11-22-19-37-34_framed

To get started you need to download the app, visit http://worldaroundmeapp.comor go to the online app store to download it, the you’re good to go. In order to find something that is near you, you will choose from one of many categories; restaurants, banks, bars and pubs, cafes, doctors, petrol stations and many other choices. If, for example, you search for a coffee shop you will see a number of cafes come up in layers on a picture from your hand held device. You can narrow down your search by most popular, highest rated etc Whichever you select, the most popular or highest rated will then show up over the less popular cafes.

The way that the search results are displayed are perfect for a big city such as London, this is because from just one picture you will be able to see which direction the place is in and how far away you are from them. When you click on a particular result you will be given even more information about the place such as it’s rating and reviews. You don’t have to search for a particular category, you can also just type in what you are looking for. So, if you’re looking for some great Italian Food then all you have to do is type in Italian food and all the relevant results will pop up on your display.


Whilst the concept is not new of searching for places in your area, World Around Me stands out because it has absolutely everything you need and gives you all of the information about the places you need when you are on the move. It is perfect for tourists because it allows you to find information about sights and landmarks with ease. There is nothing out there at the moment that is as quick, easy to use and as lick as the World Around Me. It’s on my device now and I recommend you to get is as soon as possible.