Where to Go Out on Koh San Road

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Thailand is a country that is well traveled by backpackers and tourists alike. Almost every backpacker has been through Bangkok as they make their way on the road. No place is probably more familiar to a backpacker in Bangkok than Koh San Road. There is simply one reason why this is the case, party town BKK. Here are a few places that I went to and thought were a fun time.

The Roof
This is a cool little spot right on Koh San. You have to look for it a bit though as the entrance is down one of the alleyways. You take the stairs up to the 4th floor and you’re at the bar. Each night they have live music and the few nights I was there they had a different Thai guy playing guitar and singing a bunch of western classics. During the week you should have no problem finding a table but on the weekend you’re best bet is to get there early for a table. If you’re too late you could end up standing in a walking lane towards the door. That’s never fun for anyone. The crowd is good here, the lighting is bright enough for you to see what’s going on, and the music is supposed to make you sing along. But it closes at 2 so it isn’t the spot to end your night!

The Club
Another popular destination that is right on Koh San. It’s just about impossible to miss this place. There’s a giant blue neon sign that hangs over the street that says “The Club.” With half a mind and a bit of eyesight you should have no problem finding the door. The Club is a good spot if you’re looking to dance to some electro. It’s open a bit later than The Roof. The lights don’t come on until 3. Before that though its strobe lights and lasers no matter where you are. This requires a 100 Baht cover, about $3-4 USD and it comes with a drink at the bar. If you’re looking to stay out later…

999 West
This joint is open until 5 a.m and the spot for the real partygoers. 999 West is down a similar side street/alley way like The Roof. It has better signage though so you should have no trouble finding it. A bit more expensive than the other spots, around 130 Baht for a beer ($4 USD or so) and the cover charge on the weekend is 300 Baht ($10 USD) compared to 135 Baht during the week. The night I was there they had live music until 3ish. It was a hip-hop group that covered a bunch of western hip-hop songs. After that it was all Thai dance music. There is also a pool table opposite the dance floor.

The Van
I don’t know the actual name of this bar but it was a Van parked on the side of the street. This isn’t on Koh San road but off the end of it on a Street called Rambuttri. It’s a way more relaxed vibe down this street. What I liked a lot about the Van was that it was super cheap. It is just 70 Baht ($2 USD) for a big bottle of beer. They serve all the drinks out of this tiny van that has a real cool psychedelic paint job. But that’s not all, they also have a tv set up in the trunk and they show movies on it. I was lucky enough to catch Fast 6 and A Good Day to Die Hard.

The truth is no matter where you go out on Koh San or near Koh San you’re bound to find fellow travelers, drinks, and a good time.