KLM: The Orange Experience

Ever heard of the Dutch holiday called King’s Day? Think of a city full of markets, festivities, and people dancing, laughing and partying all day long- and you’ll have a bit of an idea what it’s like in Amsterdam on King’s Day.

Not only is King’s Day one big street party in Amsterdam… but everything is orange! So through this competition, KLM and Heineken partnered up to give 10 American winners the ultimate Orange experience they would never forget. The day of the competition, KLM and Heineken set up shop on Amsterdam Avenue in NYC. There, they set up a mini replica of King’s Day, and PR reps for the companies pulled in passers-by to ask them several questions about dance and travel. Little did these people know that if they answered correctly, they’d be in for the trip of their lives.

The lucky winners were instructed to meet at JFK airport on April 25, with no idea where they were going or what would happen next. To their great surprise, they were ushered onto a plane headed straight for Amsterdam, where they would get to enjoy the festivities of King’s Day firsthand! After landing, they hopped straight onto an orange bus headed to the Heineken Brewery for some beer tastings, then enjoyed a festive cruise down the gorgeous canals of Amsterdam. And to top it all off, DJ Armin van Buuren jumped on board the boat for a private performance to amp up the fun. After this incredible introduction to Amsterdam, these lucky partygoers continued on to soak in as much of the Orange experience as they could, celebrating King’s Day with the Dutch.

Check out the Orange Experience video below: