Kicking Back: 9 Products That Will Streamline Your Camping Experience

There are many aspects of camping people love, and some, not so much.

When it comes to carrying the comforts of home with you to a campground, there are many new and innovative products to choose from. Having a comfortable experience when camping means you will want to go out and do more camping, which means more business for the National Parks and great campgrounds around the country.

When it comes to Rving, Rockwood trailers have what you need to take on the open road and camp in style. Below are 9 products that will streamline your camping experience and make your trip more comfortable.   

1. Portable Pocket Shower

This waterproof and lightweight portable shower allows for up to an 8-minute shower with water warmed from the sun. You can fill it with 10 liters of water in the morning and the black nylon absorbs the sunlight to heat the liquid.

This handy product is from SeaToSummitâ„¢ and can be hung from a tree or something larger for the ultimate in showering. The graduated shower head gives equal water distribution and simple to use twist for more or less water.

This product can double as a dry bag for clothing and other items that need to stay out of the water and stay dry.

2. Solar Cookers

Since you will be out in the sun, why not use it to as a source for cooking. There are many portable solar cookers that do not take up much space but cook up a delicious meal in no time.

They are fuel-free, light-weight, reliable and most are extremely fast. And don’t worry if the sun isn’t out, these high-tech cookers work on cloudy days as well.

3. Air Hammocks

These durable nylon air catchers can be a relaxing place to rest or even sleep through the night. Most hold the air, which you get from the wind and not a pump, for between 5 and 8 hours.

They are simple to operate, you just open and hold towards a wind, and once filled with air, secure with the buckles and lie down. Some come with comfortable head support and other accessories.

These are perfect for outdoor use as well as in a tent or RV. They also deflate rather easily and the fact there is no need to haul around a pump makes a big difference in time.

4. Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

When you want to listen to your favorite tunes, you want something stronger than your cell phone speakers. You’ll want to find a speaker that is compact, yet creates a large, crisp sound. It should also be waterproof in case of rain or it falls off the boat.

There are many brands of wireless Bluetooth speakers to choose from and the quality depends on the price. The higher priced speakers are, they are typical of higher quality.

5. Portable Clothes Washer

There are several different styles of “bag” washers available to take with you on your camping trip. Some come with hundreds of “nodules” on the inside to help scrub away the day’s dirt.

Simply unfold the heavy-duty bag, fill with clothes, water, and soap and start rubbing away. Many come with a non-skid surface so the bag will stay put while you kneed the clothing inside. Some have a small window so you can actually watch the clothes get clean.

The washer folds up and typically weighs less than a couple of ounces. Perfect for longer trips where you don’t want to bring more clothing than camping gear but want to wear something clean as often as possible.

6. Tree Tents

What is cooler than bringing your own treehouse with you on a camping trip? Tree tents are a quick and easy way to keep you from sleeping on the ground and you choose the view.

Many of the tree tents can be pitched over small streams, near the seaside or deep in the forest. Several are able to sustain a basecamp of two persons and have four or more doors that double as windows and roll back to allow the ultimate view.  

Most need two or three trees to suspend you above the cold, wet ground. Tree tents are the ultimate in eco-friendly camping as they do not disturb the ground and leave little to no marks when taken down. They are also safer when it comes to wild animals which roam around looking for food or human companionship.

7. Head Lamps

These lights are not only great for seeing where you are going in the dark, but you can also use them as a major light source inside a tent without fear of flames.

Simply take a gallon jug of water and strap a headlamp around it. This will give you a softer, more diffuse light source within your tent. It will also be safer than a kerosene lantern or other fuel-based light source.

Place several of these “homemade lanterns” around the campsite to help light the night with not-so-bright evening light.  

8. Portable Charger

A portable charger can accommodate not only a cell phone but other devices as well. No one wants to be outside without their movies, music, and Internet. So bringing along a portable charger is a must.

A portable charger can give your devices another 10 plus hours of charges before it would need to be plugged into a wall outlet itself.

9. Camping Cookware Mess Kit

Don’t leave home without a camping cookware mess kit. Typically, they contain everything you need to cook on an open fire and more.

Some of the mess kits come with fire starter sticks, all the utensils you would need for a family of four to eat, as well as things like bowls, plates, and a mini stove that works with or without a fire.

Whether you are camping far from home or in the backyard, take time to gather some of these and other supplies to help make your outdoor getaway a good one.

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