Living the Boat Life: 5 Items That Will Make Your Sailing Much More Practical andEnjoyable

Packing the right items is essential if you’re planning on heading out on your new boat. Once you have all of the essentials, consider some of the items listed here. Some of them are practical additions to your boat that help you while you’re sailing while others are intended to make every trip, no matter how long, far more enjoyable. All of them can be purchased before your next boating trip so you’re prepared for anything.

The Right Coffee Maker

If you’re going to be gone for more than a day, you’re going to want a way to make coffee. The Aeropress Coffee Maker is small, so it’s easy to store on your boat. It’s incredibly easy to use and it’s not as likely to tip over when you’re making coffee. It includes many filters, so you can leave it on your boat and know you’re always prepared when you want a cup of coffee while you’re on the water.

Ladder for Your Dog

If you’ve just purchased a boat from Premier Motorsports or you’re planning on it, consider purchasing a doggy ladder as well. With this, if you want to take your dog on a boating trip, you don’t have to worry about how your dog will get back on the boat when they go for a swim. These ladders are easy to use, so you can set it up or remove it with ease and let your dog enjoy the trip with you.

Waterproof Action Cam

While you have your phone with you for taking gorgeous photos of the sunset, you won’t want to risk it getting wet. Instead, if you’d like to record some of the views while you’re sailing, purchase an action cam. Choose one that’s designed to be waterproof or that includes a waterproof case so you don’t have to worry about ocean spray on your camera or the occasional dip under water to check out the sea life.

Waterproof Speakers

If you love listening to music, check out the waterproof speakers available today. Look for one that has rechargeable batteries, that’s small enough to be easy to store, and that’s loud enough you can hear your music. Also, look for one that’s more durable and that can connect to your smartphone or another device via Bluetooth so it’s easy to use when you’re out at sea.

Leak Detector

When you’re sailing, you need to know if there’s water onboard. Inexpensive water leak detectors are easy to use and can be placed throughout your boat so you’ll know the moment there’s any water in your boat. This gives you more time to handle a leak if one happens or lets you know if water is getting on your boat. Purchase a few packs of these to make sure you can put them anywhere you’re worried a leak could occur.

If you’re ready to go out on the water, whether you’re heading to a local lake or travelling to the sea, check out the items listed here before you go. They can help you have more fun while you’re on the boat or help you make sure you’re prepared for anything. When you have the right supplies for your boat, you’re going to have a fantastic time on every trip you take.

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