Why you should insure your holiday


The summer is here! Schools have broken up, the sun is out, we’ve traded the the coats and gloves for sunglasses and shorts. We’re all having barbecues, we’re doing outdoor activities and when we go out to eat, we sit outside rather than in and the world tends to be a much happier place. After all, sunny weather brings out a sunny disposition.

One of the common things people do during these warm summer months is take themselves out of the country and head to warmer climes. People pile on to aeroplanes and in some cases ferries to take them to an exotic destination.


Holidays in the majority of cases are a wonderful occasion and give you a break from the trials and tribulations of daily life. You can forget about the stress of work and can switch off for a week or two to recharge your batteries. However on the odd occasion holidays do go wrong and taking out holiday insurance is highly advisable if you want to be better prepared just in case something happens that you weren’t expecting to happen.

If you are going on a holiday that is more frivolous in nature-one where the alcohol flows and there’s a great deal of tomfoolery, the chances of things going awry are a lot greater. After a few beers, or a couple of double vodka red bulls, we suddenly feel all powerful and think we can do things like dancing on tables and riding in trolleys, as though the alcohol acts as some kind of shield. It doesn’t, and the most likely result of these antics is a visit to the nearest hospital which is no fun at all. On any holiday, no matter how streetwise you think you are, the truth is that you’re highly vulnerable due to being on unfamiliar turf and as a result are more at risk especially in places where many people are dishonest and desperate to get money in any way they can. There are pickpockets, there are scam artists, there are people who will try and take advantage of you.  It’s best to have an insurance policy against these many risks.

Taking out holiday insurance is not at all time consuming, nor is it difficult to do. It’s certainly a lot less of a hassle than the difficulties one would face as an uninsured victim of an event they hadn’t bargained for.

Don’t delay, get your holiday insurance sorted right now. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t.