Inspiration to Travel

“You may delay, but time will not” Old Benjamin Franklin was certainly onto some thing there.

Me and my small backpack

It never surprises me when people talk about their dream of traveling the world, of waking up on exotic beaches, of living in foreign countries – it’s exciting, it’s fun, even the prospect of it makes us feel alive. But then a month comes and goes, then a year and still they haven’t made their dream a reality. “I’ll do it when the time is right, I’ve got to pay off my car first” or “It’s not a good time at the moment, I should get some more experience in my career right now” or “2 more year, I’ll make senior associate, then it’ll be the perfect time to take my trip”


The reality is folks, if you’re putting it off now, if you’re finding obstacles and barriers to following your dreams now then the perfect time will never come. Our live is short, our youth even shorter – don’t wait around for a retirement that might never come, take the plunge, enjoy today and don’t look back.


Through media sources, negative press releases, corporate expectation and social conformity we are led down a path where we don’t necessarily need to go, certainly at least, not yet. You’re young, don’t give that up so easily. Relish your youth, use it and embrace what comes with it. We won’t be carefree forever, our foolishness is our gift, don’t let it pass by without exhausting it first.


If ‘youth is wasted on the young’ then let’s change that, the fact that that cliché exists is a grim reminder to us all. Nobody ever lay on their deathbed and though they should have spent more time in the office, they never regret visiting too many countries, meeting too many friends. Live your life now, follow the open road, find yourself in crazy situations, love and lose, and love again. Follow your dreams, they’re waiting to be caught, but you’re the only person who can catch them.


Then the next time someone tells you ‘youth is wasted on the young’, cast your mind back, remember your amazing travels,the mind-blowing experiences, the all-night parties and first kisses, remember them with pride, look them straight in the face and say ‘mine wasn’t sir, mine wasn’t’. Happy travels.



  1. great website guys!

    im on the way to doing this, just… scared (sounds lame) to lose the girl i love to see the world. i am conflicted beyond belief. 

    any advice?

    1. Hi Russ,
      Thanks for the website love 🙂
      Is there anyway you can combine the travel with the girl you love? I met my girl on the road and we had a stint in Taiwan together for a year – it’s been fantastic sharing those experiences with her too.

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