While we might not be able to teleport from city to city just yet, technology has certainly made travelling and backpacking a whole lot easier in the last five to ten years for certain.

kindle when you travel

It can be easy to get slowed down by which techy gadget to go for, when even airport parking – like parking at Gatwick – have their own apps and websites.

Here’s a list of some of the best travel tech out there that will make any lengthy stay overseas a whole lot easier, and don’t forget to make sure that you get plug adapters for the difference in current.

First, there are the basics that any backpacker should have like a smart phone with built-in GPS ..or just a phone and a GPS would work as well. If you’re not traveling first class, and plan to spend time at hostels, noise cancelling headphones can be a great way to preserve your sanity. They also drown out sound while you wait at airports or at bus stations at places like Luton airport parking.

Second, if you can afford the expense, an e-reader like the Kindle Fire or tablet like an Ipad , can be a god send on a long flight or train ride. Both can provide limitless entertainment from books, tv and movies, along with access to the internet for flight times and parking availability at places likes Birmingham airport parking. E-readers and tablets are generally smaller and lighter than laptops, not to mention a lot lighter than a massive stack of books would be.


Lastly, there are a whole host of travel tech accessories that are a definite must for any traveler or backpacker. There is the Hays xScale Pro that is compact yet strong enough to weigh your pack before travel and during to ensure it doesn’t exceed airport limitations. There is the Grid-it electronics organizer that keeps all your wires and other items in one spot. Speaking of wires, there is a seemingly limitless supply of companies that now create a host of different types of wire set-ups and equipment to keep your electronic power plugs organized and compact while in travel. If you’re is bringing batteries, be sure to check the airline rules with regards to safety and how to properly secure them during your flight.

Technology can be a great way to find out information on-the-go, and also an excellent way to communicate with fellow travellers, and keep up to date with the latest hot spot.

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