Insider Tips: Finding Cheap Accommodation

When you’re planning to go on holiday one of the biggest things on your mind is where you will stay and how much it will cost. A hotel really can make or break a holiday because it needs to be comfortable and have all the facilities you require for a relaxing break.

I am absolutely obsessed with finding great hotels at cheap prices when I go away. There’s something quite satisfying about coming across and booking a bargain, it feels like you’ve saved some money and have more to spend whilst you on holiday.

My first port of call is HotelsCombined when I’m looking for a great deal. It’s brilliant being able to look at a long list of options and narrow my search results using the filters to find exactly what I am looking for.

To help you on your way to finding cheap accommodation I have put together a list of my top tips, they are tried and tested and I am sure they’ll help you save some money.

Plan Ahead

I know that this seems like very simple advice but you will always find the best bargains if you start looking at accommodation long before your holiday. If you can book anywhere up to 10 months in advance you are bound to find some amazing discounts.

Be Flexible

If your dates can be flexible you will be able to book during cheaper periods. Booking a room during the week is considerably cheaper than booking at the weekends. Also, be flexible with the area too. If you’re planning a trip to London then have a search for hotels in the postcode where you’d like to stay, don’t just search for London.

Look Out For Free Upgrades

When you’re booking your hotel make sure that you read all the small print on the booking site. There are several hotels that will often have a little line saying a free upgrade is available if the room is unoccupied. It makes perfect sense to pay less and get upgraded to a better room – you get to enjoy more luxury but at a cheaper price.

Do you have any tried and tested techniques for booking cheap hotel rooms? I would love to hear from you guys about how you find great offers when you travel. I hope we can compile a great list of tips between us, which will allow us all to save more money.

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