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Yoga is an art form that stands on the high pillars of meditation & spirituality achieved through active physical exercises and synchronized breathing patterns. The practice was born in the ancient Indian- subcontinent; it spread across the western world in the early 1980’s as travellers explored the world of yogis who were found practicing the art in the deepest valleys of India, Nepal, China, Srilanka, and Bhutan.

Yandara Yoga Training

Is yoga your calling? Well, if you have immersed yourself in the art form before, the Yandara Yoga Training is one of a kind program that is very popular in many exotic locations around the Globe. If you are seeking training as a Yoga instructor, Yandara Institute’s 26-Day and 200-hours long learning program will give you approximately a full month in Training as well as an opportunity to cleanse your body. For my money, its Costa Rica yoga retreat – the right mix of Yoga and Beach! 

While surrounded by the natural scenic beauty of beaches and surreal landscapes, your sole motivation will be to inspire and share a sense of passion by teaching right from the heart!

Where do you travel?

Yoga is a connection with the divine. When you mix it with a community gathering, the realm of divinity becomes larger.  The Yandara Yoga Training Institute holds over 20 yoga teacher training programs all around a year in four captivating locations. These are Baja, Bali, Hawaii and Sweden, where you will learn how to impart the resourceful knowledge of yoga. The programs are open to all ages and skill levels, no matter the experience you have.

Travel to the traditional land of Bali, dive deep within your spiritual soul as you explore your teaching side. Amidst the hustle of California, lies Baja where you can let your hair down, soak up the sun and find yourself through yoga. While Hawaii is a picturesque island destination, located in Tropical Oceania; Sweden’s countryside locale offers a sense of grounded and breathtaking beauty. The Yandara Yoga training is a recognized program that has the largest traditional Yoga school in the World.

Why mix Yoga with Travel?

The unique opportunity to visit, breath and explore your unique gifts couldn’t find meaning on a better platform. You can choose from their different programs, including a 200 hour long Yoga Alliance Certified Program, Yin-Yoga Advanced Training, and Life Coaching to bring new zest, energy and spirit into your life. A brilliant chance will serve to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will help you shape your career as an instructor. The friends you make here will be in your heart for life, the memories will encourage you always to keep exploring for much more experiences.

Today, the world believes in the psychological as well as physiological healing benefits through the processes that Yoga brings about in the human body, mind, and soul. As we learn deeper about the benefits of Yoga and the popularity surges for being not only an excellent stress-buster but also a tool to transform your lively-hood in a fast-paced, competitive world.

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