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People often criticize Hong Kong as a cultural desert, a place that stymies the arts and does little for cultural edification. However, in recent years, it seems that the Hong Kong community as a whole, as well as individual citizens, have greatly increased their cultural and artistic awareness.

Between Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan and the Sai Ying Pun area of the Western District, it appears that there is in fact a trend of contemporary and modern art galleries popping up one after another and setting up shop in this particular area, drawing in visits from a lot of the city’s hipsters. Some of these art galleries house cafés and it seems that other than promoting art, these galleries also hope to build up a small community of devotees to the art scene where small group of individuals can gather to study and share their understandings and perceptions of the same pieces of artwork.

As a writer, I must admit that I only know the very basics about Hong Kong’s burgeoning art scene. Nevertheless, I am enthralled by the atmosphere created by the local art scene in their pursuit of beauty, their rediscovery of the definition of beauty, their constant innovation and changes pulsating through the manner in which we inherently think and feel. The art scene gives off a buzz that creates a wonderful feeling that what we can achieve is limitless and constantly makes us reevaluate what we perceive as beautiful.

As a result, I like to take a break every week and to visit this small cluster of art galleries to take time out to reflect, relax, and learn. Today, I want to share and introduce my readers to two art galleries that I frequently visit in the hopes of not only giving you insight into my leisurely pursuits but also to promote the local art scene.

Fabrik Contemporary Art

Since it opened its doors in 2007, Fabrik’s development and growth has meant that it has already positioned itself into becoming one of Hong Kong’s leading art galleries. Fabrik aims to showcase and exhibit outstanding works of art and in line with its founders, Fabrik’s pursuit of beauty has resulted in Fabrik creating the work of acclaimed artists in the contemporary sphere. Fabrik’s collection includes the sculptures of the renowned Filipino sculptor, Daniel Dela Cruz as well as the works of the internationally acclaimed, Ronald Ventura. In addition to its promotion of the work of renowned contemporary artists, Fabrik has taken the initiative to set up a new collection of work aptly named Fabrik8 to nurture the local art scene. Fabrik8 has been created to solely exhibit the works of young local artists in order to raise awareness and to promote their work and demonstrates Fabrik’s commitment to finding and guiding the raw talent o the next generation of artistes.


Asia Fine Art Gallery

Asia Fine Art has been established for over 10 years and as an independent art gallery, Asia Fine Art mainly represents and promotes the works of artists from Southeast Asia. The shop’s position is situated in the front half of the Queen’s Road East in a hidden backstreet alley known as Sit On Street. Going round the bend on the quiet lane of Sit On Street, and continuing forwards and embarking up a few dilapidated stone steps, one can reach the discreetly hidden gallery. Having spoken to the General Manager of Asia Fine Art, Sidney Cowell, he describes the shop’s current collection of artworks peaking at over 70 pieces of fine art from the Southeast Asia area.


Interested readers can find out and discover more about these art galleries by browsing their official websites. Both galleries encourages members of the public to support the local art scene and as such, if you are interested buying any of paintings or other pieces of art displayed and are interested in pricing, please reach out to the gallery concerned directly. They both accept cash and for Asia Fine Art Gallery, credit card payments including American Express are also acceptable.

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