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During summer I practically live at Manchester Airport, in fact, I might as well buy a house next door, because I spend so much time coming and going! I’m not rich, so the house idea is out of the question, however I do the next best thing, and I book into one of the Manchester Airport hotels instead. Thankfully for this idea, there’s no need to be rich, as the prices are minimal and the service is stratospheric!

Because I have to travel to the airport, meaning a drive of around two hours, I find the convenience of an extra night’s sleep, rest and time to organise myself, really helpful, especially in times of early flights or long-haul. Tiredness is the major downside to any travel, and I’m not the most social of people when I’m sleep deprived, so this is one huge advantage for me, and anyone who comes into contact with me!

If you have a flight out of Manchester, I’d highly recommend you search for hotels Manchester Airport and see what you can find, as not only are there sparkling, luxurious hotels to choose from, but ones for the more budget conscious too, with no service level spared.

The range at Manchester is extensive, however my favourite has to be Bewley’s Hotel. There’s something special about arriving early, making yourself feel more alive with a shower and hair wash, heading downstairs for a delicious meal and a few relaxing drinks, before retiring upstairs to chill out with a spot of TV, a bit of web surfing, or simply kicking back with a good book and enjoying a comfy bed, before the airport experience the following day. Arriving fresh and clean at the airport, without that grubby, just-travelled feeling, really is a plus, and for the prices involved, it’s a service available to everyone.

I worried at first how I would get from the airport to the terminal, because although it was quite visible from my window, there are some fairly big roads in-between! Thankfully there’s no need to worry, as a shuttle runs back and forth between the hotel and all the airport terminals regularly, 24 hours a day, at no extra cost! There’s even time for a delicious breakfast before you leave – cutting out the cost of expensive, and usually not that tasty, airport food!

It’s win-win all round really.

There are great value airport hotels available at most large UK airports, including Edinburgh airport hotels available at most large UK airports, including Edinburgh, Birmingham and the London airports, to name a few. I recently searched the great range of Heathrow hotels, and was again instantly impressed with the prices and promised service.

This summer’s holidays are all sorted for me, with flights booked and hotels arranged in resort, all that’s left to do now is book my great value airport hotels, and I know my holidays will all begin sooner, and be much more relaxed for it.



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