Halong Bay – Magic In The Ocean

If you’re heading to Vietnam then it’s simply impossible not to visit Halong Bay. It has to be one of the most spectacular places on the planet and it’s a place that I am definitely going back to more than once in the future.

I took a luxury cruise in Halong Bay with my girlfriend this year and it’s the best holiday that I have been on in a longtime. It’s beautiful, has amazing beaches and has so many activities for you to do – you can’t ask for more.

Halong Bay is one of the most popular places to visit in the region and that’s for good reason. Here are three great reasons for taking a luxury holiday to Halong Bay.

Fantastic Cruise Experience

When we were on our cruise it was a truly fantastic. The Luxury Holiday Company really excelled and made the trip memorable.  The way to cruise around Halong Bay is on a Junk voyage – don’t worry because on a luxury cruise the boat is far from junk. The rooms and food we were served was better than nearly every hotel we stayed in whilst in Vietnam. I didn’t think I’d see such a beautiful luxurious bedroom on a boat ever!

The Activities

On your luxury cruise you’ll have a great itinerary set up for you. You’ll be able to visit the marvelous natural caves that can be found on some of the 3,000 islands. Then if you’re feeling a little active you can hop in a kayak and paddle around a local floating fishing village, seeing how the locals live out there amongst these islands is a truly special experience. Then if you’re really looking for something more active it’s time to get up on top of the junk boat and jump in to the ocean for a swim. On a luxury cruise it’s extremely safe and the staff always take great care of all people whilst on the ocean.

It’s a Unesco World Heritage Site

In 1994 Halong Bay was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site – this was due to its ‘outstanding, universal aesthetic value’.  Once you’re on the water out in Halong Bay you will instantly understand why it has won awards year after year – it is quite simply one of the most beautiful places on earth. 3,000 towering islands surrounded by emerald green water will live long in your memory.

If you go one place this year then make it Vietnam and make sure Halong Bay is in your itinerary.


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