Enjoying One Of The Best States In America: Florida

I really enjoy visiting Florida and the best thing about it is that it really is a place where every kind of traveler can experience something great. I absolutely love it there and I thought I would write this post about some of the reasons why. So read on to find out more

The Keys

These small coral islands off the mainland of Florida are an amazing place to explore and of course are absolutely stunning too. I love the fact that you can see small islands that are linked by many bridges and the aqua blue water is just a joy to swim in. This is one of my most favourite places in Florida and I really enjoy Key West most of all of the Florida Keys.


Taking a family holiday to Disneyland is without a doubt one of the best things that you can do in Florida and Orlando is a city that is more or less based around this theme park. Disney is of course very famous across the entire world and the park itself is something that does not disappoint. I love going there and seeing all of my favourite characters and also enjoying all the rides and other things to do there.


Everyone knows Miami as the beach haven city and this is a perfect description of this amazing city. I love the mixed culture of it, especially being so close to Cuba and South America. You will hear all kinds of languages here. I also love to chill out on South Beach, grab a drink in the bars, eat in the amazing restaurants and just relax. This is the ultimate city in Florida in my mind.

The Space Coast

The “space coast” is another great part of Florida and the mark it has made on the world. It is located in Brevard country and is the perfect place to take the family to learn all about space travel. It is also great to think about the amazing parts of history and the huge role that these two places played in that history. Of course you should picture man stepping foot on the moon and how the Kennedy Space Center played its part in this.

Everglades National Park

Or just “the Everglades” as they are known are a great place to get your nature fix in Florida. These tropical wetlands are home to some unique flora and fauna, such as alligators, swamps and mangrove forests. The best way to get around here us through small boats, which I have found to be an amazing experience. This is a stunning ecosystem that you just don’t see anywhere else in the world.

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