When Functionality and Elegance Combine: Be on the Lookout for These 3 Things When Choosing Your Next Backpack

Whether you are a die-hard backpacker or hunter, or simply like having well-made backpacks, choosing your next backpack can be difficult if you are not sure exactly what you are looking for.  

When an average backpack just won’t do, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before you make your next purchase so you are confident that your backpack has the maximum functionality and elegance possible.  Look for these three main things in your purchase, and you will be pleased with your new backpack.

  1. Appearance Really is Important

For many reasons, the appearance of your backpack is very significant.  Most backpackers use theirs in an outdoor context – hunting, hiking, etc.  Because of this, the pattern you choose should match the environment you are mostly using it for.

Camouflage is very popular, but there are multiple styles of camo patterns available on the market today.  Be sure you are choosing a camo pattern that is similar to the real forest environment you will be in.

  1. Size Matters

Your backpack should make the most of the capacity that it includes.  Your choice should have internal compartments to help you pack smartly, combining a good carrying size with efficiency.  Decide what you need to carry, and then find a backpack that can easily hold all of these items in an organized way and still have room for more.

Be sure to have a little extra space.  It’s better to have too much than too little.  However, a backpack should never be so large that it is difficult to carry.

In addition to the capacity of your backpack, weight is also critical.  Find a material that is lightweight but durable. Your gear is going to weigh enough; your backpack shouldn’t be heavy as well.  

Part of what makes the weight of a backpack is the frame, so determining whether you want an internal or external frame can help shift some weight from where you need to remove it the most.  

Straps can also help shift weight around.  Comfortably designed straps will make your backpack seem like it is not even there, while poorly designed straps will make you feel every pound you are carrying.

Look For the Extras

Consider what you are predominantly using your backpack for, and then consider the special features that some tactical backpacks offer.  In many cases, the extra money you may have to pay for these features will ultimately pay for themselves.

For instance, not all backpacks are waterproof, but you may decide this is a make or break detail for your needs.  Another feature of some backpacks is the water bladder option, which is important for many hikers. Some backpacks offer a warranty, and others have noiseless zippers.  

Do your research on backpack special features and compare them to what your needs are.  This can help you narrow down which backpacks you choose from, and paying the extra for your special features will usually be a good choice.

The Right Backpack is a Sound Investment

If you are a backpack aficionado, investing in the right one will be a sound decision that you will recoup the benefits of for years.  Thorough research and analysis of your individualized needs and comparison of the available tactical backpacks on the market will help you make a smart choice that will result in your ultimate satisfaction.


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