Best Places to Include in Your Tour of Italy

When you’re looking at tours of Italy you will notice that there are so many fantastic places to visit, it leaves you with a very nice problem – which amazing places are you going to include on your tour?

I have been lucky enough to visit Italy on more than 5 occasions. Each time I go back I fall more in love the with the country and can’t wait to go back. So to help you decide where you should go when organising your tours of Italy, I have put together what I think are my best places to visit.


Florence is well know for being one of the best cities in Europe if you want to explore art. There is an array of amazing art and also architecture here it can be tricky fitting it all in. When you visit Florence you will also be able to enjoy the vibrant nightlife, the world class restaurants, opera and also classical music. To top it all off it is beautiful, steeped in history, has plenty of quirky little shops and is close to the home of Chianti. A must see on your italy tour.


I have been to Venice 3 times now, let me tell you that this place never loses the ability to enchant visitors. The reason why its so popular is simple, it’s an exquisite romantic city that is magically is built on water. It can get extremely busy, but even during the peak season you’re only ever a stones throw away from secluded part. I advise you to take a stroll, get lost, and you’ll find yourself stumbling open local wine bars and beautiful squares. There are many a museum and salary on offer for you to marvel at the history of the place.


One of my fondest memories as a child was our family holiday to Tuscany, to this day it remains one of my favourite places on the planet. cultures is the route of everything in this exquisite region. Everywhere you turn you see beauty. If you can, make sure you hire a villa and stay on one of the many vineyards there. You’ll wake up looking at the countryside whilst sipping on your espresso. If you have a car then go on days out and you’ll find many a local restaurant with some of the best food you’re ever tasted!

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