The best football players of all time

Everyone has their own opinions about who is the greatest player ever to play football, it splits opinion across the globe. There are some players that consistently make the list, but the order of that list is always highly debated. If you want to check up on the latest football matches then head over to Here’s our list of the top players ever to grace the pitch.Pelé_1960


Arguably the greatest player to ever play the game. Pele was used as an attacking midfielder and sometimes as a forward. He was a superb team player and will probably never be equalled when it comes to the number of goals he scored, 1229 career goals is a target that will be difficult to beat. The other reason that people like Pele is because he was never involved in any major controversy like the other people on this list. He continues to be a fantastic ambassador of the beautiful game.

Diego Maradonna

Maradonna is probably the only person that can rival Pele when it comes to the greatest player of all time. He won the world cup with Argentina in 1986 and played for some of the top club teams in the world including Barcelona. He was never out of the spotlight and was involved in a fair share of scandals. He was more of an individual player scoring some of the best goals that have ever been seen. English fans will never let him forget the infamous ‘hand of God’ when he punched the ball into the net during a world cup game.

George Best

The original play boy of football, George Best is the finest football player to ever come out of the UK. He spent the majority of his career with Manchester United, he was unfortunately plagued by scandals. Alcohol played a huge roll in Best’s life, if it weren’t for his drinking problems he may even have the made the top of this list. On his day he was unplayable and gave defenders constant nightmares. The Northern Irishman died recently due to his alcoholism, thankfully he will always be remembered for his skills on the pitch.