What to do if you fall in love while traveling

When you pack your bags for an exciting holiday abroad, there are plenty of things to prepare and organise. From travel insurance to train tickets to mosquito repellent to matching bikinis, getting thoroughly organised is time consuming business.

But if there’s one scenario we can’t really pack and plan for when we set off travelling, it’s falling in love. Discovering love abroad is often a romantic and exciting experience, but it can also create some unexpected issues for the journey ahead. Here’s a look at some simple tips for any international lovebirds who are wondering what on earth to do next.

falling in love traveling

Culture shock

Whether you find love on the Ottawa singles scene, Thailand’s beaches or in a traditional Tibetan hut, you’re bound to be discovering a range of new experiences. After all, one of the best things about traveling is the opportunity to encounter new ways of living. But the flipside to encountering new things can also mean experiencing culture shock, and this is particularly pronounced in an international relationship.

As you get to know your new partner better, be prepared to encounter strange attitudes, customs and ways of seeing the world. On the upside you’ll also experience new cuisine, new languages and new adventures, just be prepared to at times step out of your comfort zone.

LDR implications

Holiday romances often flourish under the summer sun, but it’ll soon be time to pack your bags and head home. Unless your new partner has always wanted to see the sights and sounds of Canada, chances are you’re going to be faced with a long distance relationship.

These are even tough for established couples in long-term relationships, let alone a pair who have just discovered love. It’s important to fully equip yourself with the best chance to keep your relationship alive, with programs like Skype, social networking sites and a clear schedule about whose turn it is to call and when.


The big decision

There comes a time in any overseas romance to start asking yourself the difficult questions. The trickiest one of all has to be whether you’re actually compatible or is this just a holiday romance? It’s important to consider how feasible your newfound romance would be back in the routine of everyday life. Can you imagine them meeting your family, getting along with your friends and chatting to you about your job? Or are your shared interests more related to holiday experiences, like finding the best cocktails or lying on a sun lounge? It’s a tough call to make but it’s also an important one, as compatibility really is an essential ingredient in any happy and fulfilling relationship.

Enjoy it

The final thing to keep in mind if you’ve discovered a romance whilst travelling abroad is to try and enjoy it. Decisions will have to be made in the future, but as long as you’re having fun, acting sensibly and being honest with each other, then why not try to live in the present and really enjoy yourself. May be you should just bring your new found love to this historic hotel in Kitchener Waterloo!



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