Discovering Somewhere New, Ooty, India

I have never been a fan of backpacking along a well-trodden route and I far prefer to discover new places which I am not able to read about online. This isn’t always possible of course and there are many times when I need to follow the crowd in order to see a particular landmark or attraction.

When I was in India last year, I was able to tour across the country in a combination of ways, I went to Aggra with the other millions of tourists to see the great Taj Mahal and I also managed to escape the cities and discover some great towns and villages. One such town which I stumbled upon was undoubtedly my favourite, it is called Ooty and if you are heading to India, you have to check this place out.


Ooty is a large town which is set within thousands of miles of natural beauty, there are tea and coffee plantations as far as the eye can see and the scents which come from the pine and eucalyptus trees is wonderful.

Things To Do

As far as Ooty tourist places go, there are many to explore and here were my favourites:

  • Thread Garden

Imagine the widest, most exotic garden which you have ever seen in your life, all put together with nothing but thread. That is what you will find in this incredible artistic creation and whilst it may sound a little boring at first, you will soon change your mind once you lay eyes on these wonderful creations.

  • Mountain Railway

The steepest railway in Asia is situated in Ooty and during a 5 hour, 48 kilometre trek you will meander around the mountains, through dense forests and witness some of the finest views in India.

  • Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens in Ooty have really helped put the town on the map and each year thousands of tourists flock to the town to see the beautiful gardens which have been assembled. Here you will see Indian botany in all its majesty from colourful flowers to tropical plants and a range of wildlife which call this place their home.


Generally speaking the climate in Ooty is a little cooler than other parts of western India and the temperature stays at around the 20 degrees mark for most of the year. During the months of July to October you will find that there can be heavy downpours some days and this is what helps the region to keep its lush, green appearance. The best time to go is in January when the temperature is mild and the ground is dry.


You can find some of the best Ooty hotels with ease either before you arrive or on-the-fly once you get there such is the amount of accommodation here. There are hotels and guest houses to suit every budget and taste and they are rarely fully booked which means that you will not have a problem getting some great accommodation in this beautiful little town.

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