Dangers of the road – how to stay safe when you’re travelling

When you’re excited for your road trip, it’s all you can think about. Not only is it an eclectic mix of nerves and anticipation but it feels good to be in control of every aspect of your travels. From the accommodation, to your budget, to the activities, the destinations, it’s really fun and empowering to be able to plan every part absolutely meticulously. 

However, one thing that many travellers neglect to take into account when they’re knee deep in planning and big ideas, is their safety. Or more specifically, staying safe on the roads. The idea of having your travelling adventures cut short due to a road accident, either as a passenger, driver or pedestrian is utterly devastating. But you might be shocked at how many travellers go through this totally distressing experience – if your looking for auto accident lawyers then click the link for more information – so, to help we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and advice to help you stay safe whilst you’re travelling and enjoy your experience to the full.

Pre-travel prep

There’s lots of pre-travel prep you can do that will make life a lot easier if you happen to have an accident. From including a first aid kit in your rucksack – make sure it’s filled with sterile bandages, plasters, gauze, something that will disinfect wounds, sterile gloves and pain killers etc – to taking out a good travel insurance policy. Make sure that your policy covers you for travel mishaps such as lost luggage and delayed flights and medical emergencies and health concerns. That way if you are involved in a road accident abroad then you’ll have access to the best health care available.  

Using public transport

It’s true that public transport is probably the safest way to travel whilst you’re abroad, however there are certain precautions you should take before you do so. Firstly, avoid travelling at night especially alone, even whilst on public transport. If you’re catching a bus, then ensure it isn’t dangerously overcrowded. Does the driver seem competent? 

If you’re getting a taxi, then check that the vehicle has seatbelts, and that the vehicle appears to be in good condition. Don’t feel pressured into getting into a vehicle with a cheaper price, your safety should always come first.

Hiring vehicles

The idea of travelling the streets on a moped or motorbike is totally thrilling. And while this might be on your bucket list, you should exercise caution. If you have no experience of driving a moped/motorbike then don’t. Before you hire a vehicle ensure that you are given a helmet and always wear it, even if the locals don’t. Ensure the brakes and brake lights are in full working order, and never travel under the influence of drink or drugs.

Bear in mind that you may have to travel on the other side of the road, so make yourself familiar with road signs, local driving customs and hazards such as large trucks, rickshaws, pedestrians, animals and other drivers! Completing some simple research before you travel should help you make the right choice.  

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